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With the Rugby World Cup kicking off this coming weekend I had to make my W4W about my favourite sport!

I always think that rugby is the game for Gentlemen, whereas, in my humble opinion, soccer tends to encourage more loutish and vulgar behaviour…

You rarely see a rugby player take a dramatic dive, clutching their shin in fake agony when another player runs past too close to them. Rugby players do not stretch their jerseys over their heads and run around like headless chickens or engage in ridiculous peacocking celebration dances simply because they actually did their job, (i.e.;scored a try/made a conversion).

Rugby players play with dignity and honour, always accepting the referees decision or deferring to their Captain to clear up any uncertainties. With a few exceptions, rugby players exercise control over their tempers and channel that wonderful male energy into fierce tackles and mauls rather than turn on each other.

Rugby is game of discipline.

I am a proud and avid Leinster supporter and I live with a VERY proud Munster man.



My eyes roll when hear the familiar, “Irish by birth, Munster by the grace of God” line!

Ours is a fierce and longstanding rivalry and it makes for very lively ‘discussions’ in our house at times.

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At least we agree that BOD was the best and POC is a living legend.

There are some brilliant Paul O’Connell jokes going around…

When POC was a child he made his mother finish his vegetables

When POC stares into the sun, the sun flinches

If it tastes like chicken,  looks like chicken and smells like chicken and POC says it’s beef… it’s beef

POC won a game of Connect Four in 3 moves

When POC watches a pot it boils immediately

Superman wears POC pjs

I believe if BOD ran to run the country he would have a landslide victory! That is man you can trust.

Of course I will be yelling for my Boys In Green, (and can we have a Yay! for our amazing Women’s Rugby Team?! When will it be called the ‘Men’s’ Rugby World Cup I wonder? I smell the whiff of subtle sexism), but I admit I do love to watch the All Blacks, because why? they’re the All Blacks! The Haka is the sexiest thing group of men can do, in my humble opinion. When I watch Richie McCaw, Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter do their stuff my ovaries all but explode.

I had the great honour of having a Haka performed for me once and before he started the performer requested that all the women in the front row, (where I was, of course!), move as it was believed that to perform the Haka directly in front of a woman would render her infertile. I am not fibbing when I say every little hair on my body stood on end and a cold shiver raked through me watching this man do the traditional dance. It was simply breathtaking and to imagine facing a team of giant, pumped up men doing it is pretty terrifying, (but also so incredibly HOT!)

So here’s to a great couple of weeks of the best, most exhilarating sport there is… Rugby!

Click to enjoy the Haka!



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22 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4W) #32

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  2. Another good word! Rugby is one of the very few sports I can watch, the other two being cricket and Aussie rules, I haven’t really watched any of them for years. I used to love listening to the cricket on the radio. And the Haka? OMG! The first time I saw it and every time since it’s most definitely one of the sexiest things, spine-tingling, shivers, hairs standing on end, all of that and more.
    But of course here in Kerry this weekend, you’d think there was NO other sport apart from football (for non-Irish I’m talking Gaelic not soccer). Can get a bit wearing at times. Maybe the Kerry lads should do the Haka? I’d watch that 🙂

  3. The Haka is terrific! Really, truly a powerful thing and always performed with such commitment – I’m not surprised you had a funny turn watching that. We’re football people here, but even my Liverpool supporter husband moans at how disgracefully the ‘overpaid racehorse’ players behave – can’t bear all that rolling and weeping until you get a penalty. The rugby fellas nearly get their ears ripped off and carry on playing – they are proper men in comparison.
    My W4W is VERY late -apologies. Inspired by being stuck in traffic and seeing a real feat of courage!

  4. Rugby rules! end of story …. BOD is certainly a (gorgeous) legend and POC doing a damn good job. Have seen the Women’s team play in 6 Nations a couple years ago when my local club hosted the match on behalf of SRU. A for the HAKA – it is just spine tingling – literally. Have seen it live, not by a rugby team but the NZ Army in Edinburgh (multiple) times and every time it was just as special. Roll on the next month, I deep down of course hope Scotland do well.. but realistically we’re probably looking a southern hemisphere win….. we can but dream. Let’s stand “Shoulder to Shoulder” and “Backing Blue”
    BMN x

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