Word for Wednesday (W4W) #33


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This week’s word is…


The OH and I popped out to the shops yesterday evening before dinner and as we walked towards the car I noticed the beautiful scent in the air… petrichor. The sun was setting, the air was warm and damp and it was one of those moments that you just notice, you know?

I love smells and have a very sensitive nose.

The scent of earth being dug up in the garden, the scent of the ocean breeze at the beach, the heady scent of the roses in my garden, the scent of slight decay in a forest… are all beautiful reminders of the amazing world we live in. I think in the technological, mechanised world we live in we are at risk of forgetting the simple pleasures in life such as looking at a rainbow, (seriously! It’s mindblowingly magical!), relishing the heat of the sun on our backs, or the refreshing cool breeze on a warm day, the taste of that first sip of coffee or the sensation of having someone you love hold your hand.

The smell of the earth after rain is one of those pleasures, for me anyway.

And here’s the science bit, for those of you that like that sort of thing. I have spent quite a bit of time this morning reading up on it and I found it very interesting… but then again, I am a self-confessed nerd!


On a completely different note, the word reminded me of a book I read years ago called, The Scent of Rain and Lightening by Nancy Pickard, which was one of those books that make you sad when it ends because you enjoy reading it so much. It has made me think I must go out and look for more of her writing. If you have read it, do let me know if you enjoyed it too.



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14 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #33

  1. This is a great word that sounds nothing like what it’s describing! Sounds like it’s linked to the petrochemical industry – not a lovely smell at all. Weirdly, the first time I heard this word was on an episode of Dr Who – you see, you do learn stuff from watching prime time sci-fi. The little things can be the best – smelling an apple’s good, REALLY tasting a strawberry instead of throwing it down your gob – mindfulness in the everyday.
    And thanks for the sciencey bit – interesting stuff.
    Here’s my effort. Something ripe, something seasonal

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