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I am hard pressed to choose which is my favourite time of year; spring delights me because I relish all the new life and growth. I am a passionate gardener and seeing the buds and shoots arrive make my little heart leap enjoy. The lambs bouncing around in the fields nearby, the birds singing and mating in my garden… everything is perfect in spring.


Autumn is simply, stunningly beautiful. I walk into town and am always in awe at the changing colours on the trees along my road. Some trees sport a palette of foliage ranging from still being green to mellow, burnt yellow to bright orange and even a slightly pinkish hue. The crisp fallen leaves bring me joy in two different ways.

First of all I love looking at them. I saw some so large they would easily cover body parts! Others fall while they are mid change, the tips dark red, fading to yellow and into a dying green towards the stem… nature’s canvas.

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Second, and probably most importantly, I LOVE kicking through piles of fallen leaves, listening to the crackles of them underfoot and enjoying the sheer childlike joy that comes with the activity. I do not give one hoot if anyone else is around or watching me, if there is a pile of leaves I am in there! Life is too damn short to not kick a crunchy pile of fallen leaves. Once they begin to wilt and decay they give off, in my opinion, a lovely fermented scent.

The light in Autumn is stunning; that low sun that blinds you. I always feel, (quite vainly really), that it suits my colouring and feel somehow more comfortable in Autumn’s forgiving glow.

This morning I took the dogs out early and there was an icy mist hanging low in the air. It was chilly enough to need a jacket, even for just standing in the garden, yet when I took them out again at lunchtime I was blinded by the bright sunlight and felt the heat of it on my back as I stood, jacketless this time, waiting for the dogs to do their business. I smiled for no reason. It felt good.

Where Spring signifies new beginnings and energy, Autumn brings with it a sense of slowing down, a time to prepare ourselves for the trials of winter. It is a time to start cooking hearty comfort food, getting out last year’s wooly cardigans, think about lighting fires. It is a time to harvest mushrooms at dawn in country fields to bring home and cook with butter for breakfast. A time for thick soups and stews. A time to draw the curtains early and settle in for a night in front of the television. (You always know it’s Autumn when the TV gets better!)

I sit here now as the light begins to fade already at only 4.30pm, the kitchen chillier than it has been before today, considering the inevitability of turning on the central heating, wearing the OH’s fleece, thinking that yes Autumn has truly taken hold.

I will leave you with a poem that celebrates the season and with the question, what is your favourite time of year and why?




Copyright, 2015, k1kat.com

All rights reserved.


Copyright, 2015, k1kat.com
All rights reserved

10 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #36

  1. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year mostly ofr all the reason you list 🙂
    Frosty mornings, piles of leaves to crunch through, stews, dark mornings and best of all those surprising days that start misty and become sunny.

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  3. What a great post! You write so beautifully about the season, it almost makes me feel better about the darkening nights – almost. Kicking leaves is the best thing – why don’t more adults do it? I do it if people are looking or not – who cares what they thinK? And thanks for sharing a bit of Keats with us – lovely.’
    Nearly thought I’d have to give today a miss, but made it – just. Heres my W4W – a Frankensteins monster of words. Mwoo-ha-ha!

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