Word for Wednesday (W4W) #38


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This week’s word is…


Apparently I suffer with this affliction.

The OH subscribes to the basic premise that “people are cunts” and that the world is not a friendly or good place.

If this makes him the North Pole then I am the South.

I am Lesley Knope and he is Ron Swanson.

*I believe that people, for the vast majority, are inherently good, strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet and that the world is full of love and potential to be even better.

He looks at me with a mixture of sadness, affection and wistfulness when I say these things, as if it would break his hurt to burst my bubble. He tells me I live in a bubble most times; a place where everything is lovely, where good triumphs over evil and where everything always works out in the end.

My bubble has been somewhat burst of late, and it saddens me.

Recently, I have witnessed people being utterly selfish and cruel, not giving so much as a thought to how their actions impact on the lives and feelings of others. I have experienced it first hand and watched helplessly as people close to me have had the same things happen to them. It makes me doubt my philosophy that people are good, that the world can be a kind and happy place.

Why are people so mean? Why? I have always opted to believe people’s nastiness is borne from their own feelings of sadness or insecurity and they feel a need to spread their misery around. I still think this could well be the root cause of people being horrible to each other but I am less inclined to let it slide anymore.

If you are sad, have had a horrible day, or feel bad about yourself, that does NOT give you the right to make anyone else’s life more difficult or unhappy. If you feel bad either ask for help, find way through or do whatever you need to do but do not take it out on innocent bystanders. Trust me, you will not feel better in the long run by infecting others with your misery.

You do not rise higher by putting other people down.

I am going to try very hard to maintain my inherent belief that people are good… I refuse to be dragged down. I will not join the OH in his opinion that “people are cunts”.

If the only thing I can do to help him and other people I love deal with the shit that life throws at us all is to be their Little Miss Sunshine then that is what I will do.

This world needs people to believe in beauty, even if it’s hard to see sometimes.

The world needs us deluded dreamers. Don’t you think?



*footnote: Buzzfeed is never wrong!


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18 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #38

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  2. Nice word, well obscure. I’ve never heard of this.
    I suffer from the same problem to an extent. I do believe there are some genuinely evil people and not a lot can be done about them. But mostly, I think people are just trying to get by and if they behave badly, it’s just because they’re being a bit self absorbed and not thinking empathetically. Most people are ok – it’s just there are too darned many of us.
    Keep thinking the way you do, love – don’t let it all get to you.
    My W4W is Halloween themed – have a gargoyle, why don’t you?

  3. Nice word 🙂
    I try to keep believing that people are good but sometimes I do think people are cunts 🙂
    There seems to be a lot of nastiness on social media FB etc. and in the media. Maybe we’ve become more exposed to it or people think because it’s an online comment and they’re following the crowd it makes it OK. I try to be cheerful and nice to everyone (I try to avoid the arseholes) I know if I’m feeling crappy having someone be nice does make a difference and I try not to pass on my crappiness to anyone else.

    • Yes I think the veil of anonymity is an issue to a certain degree. The trolls and haters love it.
      It’s more when it happens IRL that it’s upsetting… People spreading misery for no good reason.
      But let’s stay positive yeah? Onwards…

  4. This resonates so much with me. I am exactly the same way. An optimist living with pessimists. I choose to look and find the best in others, often getting myself hurt in the process but I would rather be open and honest and joyful in life than the alternative. I’ve had the wake up call recently too (the perils of social media) and it saddens me to no end how people can be so awful to each other. Hugs to you.

  5. Kalopsia, that’s a word I never heard before, and having been an English major in college, I like to have fun with words. I’m more like your OH though, I believe people are basically cunts, but this may be due to the fact that growing up my mother and maternal grandfather proved themselves untrustworthy (my mother by beating me, verbally abusing me; my maternal grandfather by raping me for an entire summer), or it may be that having grown up in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve read too many newspaper stories of “tourist asks man to take his picture in front of iconic NYC landmark, man steals tourist’s camera and runs off” .

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  7. Now then (Lynn Love brought me here btw) I think I have some answers to this polarity of perception. Apparently humans evolved due to the particular survival success of those with plenty of inclination to see the bad in everything. It is thus a default human trait down the millions of years of our development. You, however, have overcome this tendency by becoming/being a kalopsiac (if there is such a word). Being fearful and suspicious of course kept us safe. Our remnant reptilian brain still goes in for this – hence all the bad mouthing that goes on both on and under our personal radar. However, if you concentrate for a minimum of 20 seconds on something beautiful and positive, and do this on a regular basis, and avoid negative put downs, then apparently the brain makes new neural pathways that support positive thinking. Eventually, the negative pathways will be seen by the brain as redundant and recycled into something more life-enhancing. It means we all have the power to change ourselves – re-work the old model, and be lovely human beings. Isn’t that just fab! Kalopsia rules OK.

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