Smells like…

I am in random mood so I am writing a totally random post… bear with me!

I have a particularly sensitive sense of smell… ask the OH – he only has to cut a cucumber somewhere within the house and I complain about the stench from it. This can be a problem, seeing as he loves cucumbers and also on those occasions where he eats garlic and I don’t… yeah that!

It is also problematic in department stores where pretty girls bombard you with perfume samples and do not even get me started about walking past a branch of Lush, let alone venturing inside.

Also, while I love the taste of a roast chicken, the smell that takes over the house as it cooks makes me gag…

However, having a great sense of smell has its own particular joys.

I thought I’d share a few of the most pleasing scents I can think of… coz, you know, random!

In no particular order, coz, you know, random…


What about you?

Are there any you disagree with or have I left out any obvious ones?



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All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Smells like…

  1. I love these kinds of posts from you.

    And it is interesting the list of smells you enjoy, some of which I put in my “migraine inducing stench” list, like cigars and asphalt 😉 I always find it fascinating how people perceive things so differently at times.

    My top faves, aside from many of the ones you listed; horses, freshly mown hay, glycerin saddle soap, cloves, baking (any kind, really!) White Rain shampoo (I don’t use it, but my mom did when we were kids, and the scent of it takes me back… Johnson’s baby shampoo and baby oil does the same.)

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