Life Lessons

My friend sent me this poem the other day and told me that I am a “lifetime person” in her life. It made me very happy to know this.


While I can’t say I think it is very well written, I really like the ideas behind this poem.

It reflects how I feel about the various people who have entered and left my life.

I do believe everyone I encounter comes into my life to teach me something. It is not always an easy lesson; I have allowed people inside to see the real me and have been terribly hurt when they left, but once the pain fades I realise that the experience was valuable.

Everyday is a classroom, every person you meet is a teacher.

Every experience, no matter if it is joyful, painful or upsetting, is an opportunity to grow and develop.

I am happy to tell my friend that she is a “lifetime person” too!

What about you? Do you agree with this poem? Do you have some “lifetime people” in your life?



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7 thoughts on “Life Lessons

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  2. Generations of friends, grade school, high school (as a freshman taking a senior to the senior prom), the military then work. When time exceeds 50 years they have become part of the family, not just friends.

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