Seems that others really do understand…

I think the line “The comfort of the acceptable lie” is so true on different levels.

Yes, it is more comfortable for me to lie and say I have flu, but perhaps more importantly, I think other people would feel much more comfortable hearing that than, “I can’t come because my depression/anxiety has flared up”.

I recall reading a statistic that said in Ireland the vast majority of people would rather NOT know a friend or loved one had a mental illness. Shocking, but it perhaps speaks to people’s fear and ignorance of the issue still, even in this day and age.

Thank you Keigh.

The Diligent Dilettante

Today’s inspiration comes from KittyKat, who contemplates faking illness to avoid an unpleasant family gathering, then wonders why she doesn’t use depression, a genuine illness, as a justifiable excuse.

The comfort of the acceptable lie
Smothers truth in the vacuum of our uncertainty

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