Word for Wednesday (W4W) #47


Play along here!

My final W4W of 2015!

I want to say a quick, but very sincere thank you to everyone who has joined in my little meme – whether you’ve been a regular contributor or an occasional one, I am delighted you shared with me! I hope you will continue to link to W4W next year.

This week’s word is…



We are at that time of year where many people’s thoughts wander to resolutions to be better people, eat less, drink less, smoke less, detox, exercise… sigh.

I have blogged before about the days when I exercised epic, heroic feats of self control and discipline regarding my diet and lifestyle and how I eventually took it to an extreme that was no longer healthy.

These days I have done a 180° and have been eating and drinking as if the world was about to end tomorrow. Exercise? Huh? What’s that now? Does lifting the wine glass or switching the remote count? Can sneezing count as cardio?

My capacity for self control seems to have left the building and I have become a complete hedonist.

Food tastes so good and that feeling of a full tummy is so satisfying. Wine tastes so good and that delicious buzz after a few glasses is such fun. Touch, massage, sex, orgasms… well come on! These are the things that make life worth living!

However, I know deep in my heart that I must have a change of attitude. My clothes are too tight, my energy is low, my sleep pattern wrecked. I think I have lost balance and my hedonistic ways, whilst they brought me enormous pleasure, have had a negative impact on my life.

My plan is thus: I will continue my naughty, self indulgent celebration of excess for a few more days and, once 2016 is with us, I will endeavour to turn over a new leaf.

My challenge is to strive for a balance this time. Monday to Friday I shall do my utmost to be “good” – I will eat well, drink less and move more. The weekends will be my designated hedonistic fun times.

Sounds so reasonable, yes? Sounds so simple…

Sounds simple… but remember, simple and easy are not the same things!

Let’s see how I go, right?



I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I truly hope 2016 brings you all only good health, good fortune and good times

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10 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #47

  1. I actually just looked this word up, thinking about the title for a new story. I got back a bunch of hits for the resort in Jamaica. It looks really really fun! I say that should be the goal in 2016! 😉

  2. That’s such a sexist word, Kat !

    Here’s how it plays out in my W4W: She-donna-ism

    It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as He-don-ism, nor does it roll off the tongue, but in time, it will become part of our dictionary. When it does, remember that your post was where it was coined.

    Have a wonderful new year. I have really enjoyed your posts and the energy you have put into your site.

  3. So easy to slip into this – I did it earlier on this year, not sure why. A sort of ‘proving to myself I’m alive’ thing. It does feel great for a while, but as you say, you begin to feel sluggish and sick. A balance is a great idea. A lot of virtuosity and a sprinkling of vice – perfect! Absolute self denial is rubbish, though and makes you totally bats – it sent me crakers the times I’ve tried.
    Here’s to a 2016 chocka with yin and yang – hope it goes well for you.
    Here’s my offering – a tribute to calendars and the New Year. All the best, lovely https://lynnmlovewords.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/time-to-put-away-christmas-and-face-the-new-year-with-a-smile-and-a-bunch-of-daffodils/

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