Love Yourself Challenge #1


Happy New Year!

This year I really need to do some serious work on myself to increase my self-esteem and body image. I found this on Pinterest and decided to give the challenge a go…

I do not expect it to be easy… but I think it could be worth a go.

Day 1:

Barefoot, I reach the dizzy height of 153cm. I have actually always liked being short and never wished to be any taller. I think being short is a fundamental part of being “me”. Perhaps my big, outgoing personality is a result of having to overcompensate for not being seen! I am pretty confident socially, never shy to make the fist move or engage with new people. I hope I don’t come across as overbearing in any way; my style is to be interested, (genuinely), in people and ask them questions to draw them out of themselves. I love people and find them endlessly fascinating.

I would like to think I make a good friend and I do always try to make time for people.

I have very green eyes, dark brown hair and pale skin. People tend to comment on my eyes, which is lovely. I inherited their shape from my mother, who had enormous, beautiful eyes with long, full, dark lashes.

Another thing which I got from my mother is less welcome… our family go grey early. I had my first grey hairs in my 20’s and spend plenty of time and money keeping them at bay. I have been black, red, blonde, (very bad idea!), but always return to my dark chocolate colour because I think it suits me best.

Whats else is there about me?

I have tiny feet – size 2, so I buy my shoes mostly in the children’s department which means I do own glittery trainers! My hands are also incredibly small – child sized really, with what I consider quite cute crooked fingers… but then I do tend to prefer imperfections and flaws in people and in most things in life.

I am a very creative person. I love to write, cook and garden and I am most happy tucked away in my craft room making cards for birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversaries, Xmas. Being creative is a part of me I simply cannot control. It’s inherent in me. I am just wired that way.

I am an emotional person. I experience highs that soar, crazy energy bubbles from me, my capacity for play and joy is boundless. But I crash into dark, scary, lows where I struggle to see any light ahead, but I must trust that my mood will lighten as it always does.

I love passionately and deeply. Once you matter to  me, you REALLY matter. I don’t hate anyone. It’s a negative energy I do not want or need in my life. I do however, find it hard to forgive if you hurt me. I think this is probably because I set my standards for friendship high – I give everything and, whether it is reasonable or not, I do desire the same in return. This has resulted in me being very hurt and very let down by people in the past, but I seem to remain hopeful and have not closed myself off from making new friendships and developing new relationships.

My strengths are resilience, optimism, curiosity, kindness and passion.

My weaknesses are impatience, lack of balance, setting my standards impossibly high and a very strong self destructive impulse.

So, that is Day 1 of the challenge completed and I survived! Yay!



ps – how did I forget to say I am simply fucking hilarious to boot!

Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge #1

  1. LOve this post. And I agree, how could you forget about the humourous tone in the post? 🙂

    Good luck with the challenge! It’s worth taking, though I’ll pass for this year.

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