Love Yourself Challenge #2


Day 2:

Oh dear… I don’t have much about my physical appearance that I like, let alone love! But I said I would do my best for this challenge so here goes…

I suppose I will go with the bit that most people comment on and that’s my eyes. They are quite large and are a nice shade of green that changes according to the light and sometimes even how tired or rested I am. I tend to highlight them with make up and it just so happens that my very favourite colour is green, so I wear a lot of green tops which can really make the colour of my eyes pop. I’m lucky to have fairly long lashes too and I admit I am slightly addicted to my mascara!

Apparently only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes and I do always like to not be in the majority!

I also kind of dig that my eyes are slightly feline looking, which, given my name, I think is pretty cool!



Yay! Day 2 done and I survived again!



Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge #2

  1. I like that you are taking this challenge and I like that you are succeeding!
    And I like your eyes too, who wouldn’t, they’re beautiful!
    My grandpa had very peculiar eyes, and the officer who registered him for his identity card wrote something like ‘golden specks on sky blue’ 🙂

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