Love Yourself Challenge #3


Day 3:

This is easier for me than having to write about any physical aspect of myself. I actually do really like my personality! If I was someone else, I would be friends with me, if that makes any sense!

I love that I am friendly and confident with people. I tend to just be myself, take me or leave me. I am spontaneous and frequently burst into song or dance simply because the mood takes me, whether that is in my kitchen or the veg section of Tesco. The OH is pretty immune to it now.

I think when I meet people I am naturally quite good at making them feel at ease and comfortable around me. This might be because it’s important to me that they feel that way so I send out a vibe, or maybe they pick up on the fact that I am at ease myself, which just might be contagious.

I like that I am kind and thoughtful and empathic. I never intentionally hurt or upset people and if I do, I am quick to apologise and make amends.

Babies and children always seem drawn to me, which makes me incredibly happy. Perhaps they recognise a fellow child in me, I am not sure, but all the kids near me are happy to chat away to me when I meet them.

So, now I fear I have come across as a “I’m great, I am” type… trust me I do have several aspects of my personality that need work and I am struggling to not list them, as that would be against the rules of this challenge.

So, I’d best quit while I am ahead!



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13 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge #3

  1. Wow! Having just read the next post and now reading this one (Yes, I’ve a lot of catch up to do!), I struggle to stick them to the same person.
    How can you like yourself so much ans speak to yourself in such a demeaning way?
    BUT… I’m really glad that you do like yourself. It shows me that a lot of work has been done already that needs to be done to succeed at #4 πŸ˜‰

    I’m sure I’d like you too πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, I’d also meant to say that I too break into song at the most random times. My kids are now used to it. My ex stood it, barely. I’m looking to find someone who’ll love me for it rather than despite it πŸ™‚

  3. What a bundle of contradictions you are – but then, I guess we could say that for all of us. I love how at home with yourself you are, how comfortable. I do envy that confidence.
    And I love that you sing so randomly. I sing along to the radio and in the shower, though my darling son will very happily ask me not to – little brat! Singing is a joy.
    And I have been known to break into a little Kitchen Salsa, especially to Late in the Evening by Paul Simon – that beat is contagious πŸ™‚

      • Yes, we’re all definitely a mixture. Weirdly complex and contradictory creatures, able to hold several opposing views simultaneously and be comfortable with it. Like people who vote Ukip but also have good friends who are immigrants. It’s called cognitive dissonance – I remember Bill Bailey using the phrase on QI. I learn everything from QI. πŸ™‚

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