Love Yourself Challenge #4


Day 4:

Oh crap! I do not like this one!

I have many things I need to forgive myself for… being a bad wife, bad daughter, bad doggy momma, bad person.

Perhaps the one I need to address is being mean to myself.

I am my own worst enemy. If you could hear the things I say to myself in my head, you’d be shocked. If I said them to you, you would probably, and quite justifiably, punch me.

If you googled self destructive and self hating I would not be surprised if a picture of me popped onto your screen.

Hence I am taking on this 28 day challenge – to try to at least limit my negative self image if not kill it once and for all.


Dear me… You are too mean to yourself. But I know it is a struggle for you. Just try harder, ok? I forgive you.

Aaaaaaaaaand breathe!



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All rights reserved.

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