Love Yourself Challenge #6


Day 6:

Hmmmm… One thing I am really good at… Let’s see…

I want to be facetious and say I excel at acting the maggot, which is true…

I think I am really good at listening to people and trying to help them. I find that my DM box on twitter is frequently visited by people who share their worries and problems with me.

Sometimes this is because I have seen that they are in distress and have offered to help. But very often I open my DM to find messages from people in pain or crisis, totally out of the blue. I am not sure if I give off a ‘vibe’ on my TL, or why this happens, but I am glad that people feel comfortable confiding in me and seeking my counsel. I will always do my very best to listen to them and offer any support I can.

I am by no means an expert in anything, or a life coach of any sort, but I have an honours degree in psychology and did train as a Rape Crisis counsellor so perhaps that explains in some way why people seem to want to reach out to me.

For whatever reason it happens, I feel privileged and humbled every time someone trusts me with their problems and I will always do my best to help.



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7 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge #6

  1. May I suggest that you took your degree and the Rape Crisis training because you are the kind of person that wants to help people. People come to you because you’re kind and generous with your time and so many aren’t. It’s an amazing thing to be good at and I’m glad you see it in yourself x

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