Word For Wednesday (W4W) #48


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This week’s word is…


Guilty as charged.

I excel at this life skill!

In my front spare room you will find all the furniture bunched together in the centre of the room… why? because three months ago I bought paint and intended to paint the walls of said room. Has the paint tin even been opened? Nah.

People procrastinate for different reasons…

Laziness, apathy, learned behaviour…

One reason I think we might procrastinate is fear. Fear of failure, fear of being overwhelmed, fear of making a mistake.

I have been guilty of procrastinating on a very serious issue recently.

For a year I have had a particular health concern and was referred by my GP to a specialist in April last year. I never heard back from the hospital and did absolutely no follow up. Finally, on Monday, I called the hospital and discovered they had not received the referral letter. It was easy to fix, my GP faxed the letter through and I got a call back saying I will most likely be fast tracked and seen next month.

I sat and cried hot, salty tears. Why? Because I was so annoyed at myself for not dealing with this sooner. I have no idea if this will turn out to be a serious concern or not. All I do know is that the letter had requested that I be seen as soon as possible and that my GP showed real concern over the symptoms. The realisation that my unwillingness to face up to the problem could potentially have put me at risk was devastating.

The OH was reassuring and told me I had done well to finally follow it up and that he was proud of me facing it at last. He reminded me that worrying will not change the outcome and that I should feel happy to have addressed the delay. He was not impressed at my very dark humour about dying.

I hope I have learned a lesson from this… If something is important, the ostrich head in the sand approach is never the best option. It is MY responsibility to look after my own health. I need to grow up and be an adult about this.

If you click on the W4W you will find an interesting link to the psychology of procrastination.



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18 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4W) #48

  1. Uh! Procrastination is my first, middle and last names. I’m atrocious. I put off cleaning for as long as possible, let alone anything important. I’m not sure why it is we do it to ourselves, because once the thing is finally done, it feels so much better.
    I do hope you have your appointment soon and that it proves to be nothing serious. I couldn’t tell you off (even if I had the right to) because I’ve done the same myself. But do look afer yourself, chuck. And listen to that OH of yours – the man speaks good sense.
    Do take care and be well X
    Here’s my effort – all New Year- ified.

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    • I’m really glad you like them! Please feel free to join in w4w anytime, I love reading people’s contributions. The challenge is very good but yes, chose whether it’s right for you to share or not. Good luck with it!

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  4. I did the same thing about some health concerns. At least I’m getting better at it. Now, if I could get better at the financial stuff too… :-/
    Hope your concern is not bad. I’m having a procedure in 2 weeks time. At least I’m lucky that I now have someone who is supportive, interested and not trying to ignore that there is a concern. It makes such a difference, I mus say!

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