Love Yourself Challenge #8


Day 8:

The OH. My desire to please him is highly motivating. I hate to disappoint him and seeing him look at me with pride, admiration or pleasure is reward in itself.

In creative terms, I am inspired by lots of different people all the time.

Chatting to my diverse group of friends online is an endless source of inspiration for my writing. Reading other blogs often stimulates a new idea. Watching random people and how they carry themselves and interact is a rich resource for inspiration.

I love to craft and make greetings cards and the colours and patterns in nature provide endless inspiration.

I admire many other women.

My sister in law, who is a wonderful mother to her four children, while working in a highly physically and emotionally demanding job, I look upon with awe.

My bestie, Feli, who writes and paints beautifully, has a heart as big as the Appalachian mountain she lives on and always has time for me and makes me howl with laughter.

My female friends I have made via WP and Twitter, who are kind, courageous, funny and talented are very important to me.

The OH, who loves me, supports me and takes such good care of me and our furry daughters… I find his focus, leadership and amazing work ethic very admirable, and completely beyond my capability.


Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge #8

  1. You are such an inspiration yourself love. In spite of all the challenges life has thrown at you, you have always overcome each and every single one of them. Your kindness and caring nature and your willingness to put others first is something we should all aspire to. I wish I had just a small percentage of your writing skills which I find awesome and the way you write and can form a story from the smallest little idea is inspirational. You are awesome xxx

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