Love Yourself Challenge #12


A picture I love? Of me?!

I am so sorry but I can’t.

I went through every photo on my Mac Book and I simply cannot find one photo I can say I love.

Any photo I started to think could work was from times where I was much slimmer, so instead of loving them I feel annoyed that I am bigger now and also, even though I was slimmer, they remind me of a time where I spent all my time watching my intake of food.

I know this exercise is designed to increase my self esteem but this challenge today as proved too much and, in fact, has brought me down to a dark place I was not in before I read it and tried my best to answer it.

I need to leave this now before I descend further into self destructive tendencies and make all the progress to date mean nothing.

This was way too big trigger for me.


Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge #12

  1. Sorry to hear it. I’m not keen on pics of myself either there was one, years ago when my son was a toddler … But the pics I’ve seen of you have all been lovely, with your big gorgeous eyes shining out. Hope you can re-emerge from the gloom soon. Remember your shopping the other day and that amazing, positive list you made – you can do it. Love X

  2. You have been brave to share these feelings.
    I hope one day soon you will see a picture of yourself that makes you smile xx

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