Love Yourself Challenge Day 17


Day 17:

Uh oh… this may be TMI folks but I am currently suffering with the mother of all period pains and am losing blood at an alarming rate… we are talking serious sheet changing quantities! The chances of me doing anything beyond merely surviving today are zilch.

If it counts at all, usually I dread working out; it hurts like hell for the first five minutes and then the chemicals kick in and I really enjoy it. I usually feel great afterwards, a mixture of the endorphin high and being proud that I did it.

I know *they say exercise is great for period pains but trust me… not today!

Today *they can fuck right off!



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11 thoughts on “Love Yourself Challenge Day 17

  1. Used to have a PE teacher who would tell us the best thing for period pain was exercise – have a suspicion she made that up just so we couldn’t use coming on as an excuse to duck out of trampolining! Hope you feel better soon, hon X

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