Love Yourself Challenge #19


I have a lovely memory of a day during last summer when my sister in law visited with her hubby and her three adorable kids.

We all sat out in the sunshine on the patio and, as the ‘adults’ chatted, my nephews, niece and I had a wonderful time.

The oldest nephew was 7 at the time and fascinated by all things science and geographical. We had an overdue birthday gift for him – a light up globe and some books about geography to accompany it. He spent the day taking me on an epic journey all over the world as I quizzed him on where different countries were, before we moved on to explore the books. He read parts aloud for me, his little blue eyes wide with excitement, while the younger nephew spun the globe and called every single landmass Brazil. My beautiful niece, with her long flaxen hair and enormous blue eyes, danced around the patio singing to herself and swinging out of the parasol pole like the world’s cutest little pole dancer.

I was enchanted and amazed by these three tiny humans and think I certainly got the better deal that day than the OH, sis in law and her hubs, who talked the usual adult stuff and missed out on the magic that was happening right next to them.

It is a wonderful memory to have, for me and I hope for them too;  the day we spent playing, chatting and laughing together. I love those kids to death!



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