Word For Wednesday #50


Play along here!

This week’s word is…


I  just discovered this word today and love it.

It actually described me yesterday…

I started the day on an insane energy high and tore through the house on a cleaning frenzy. No place escaped my duster and wipes. I unloaded the entire contents of the fridge, disinfected it thoroughly, threw out jars that were out of date and rearranged everything. Then I turned my hand to cooking two dinners, one for the evening and one for the freezer. After that I did a load of laundry and ironing and hoovered the floors.

I made and ate lunch with every intention of returning to more housework and cooking but somewhere around 2.30 I went kerflooey!


Perhaps I just burned myself out!

It’s a great word though, one I’ll incorporate into my lexicon from now on.



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19 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday #50

  1. Grand word – thanks for sharing, I will definitely try to use it! Wonder what the derivation is? I rarely have spurts of high energy – bit of a plodder generally 🙂 – but I have ‘kerflooeyed’ from time to time. What to do when such an event occurs? Tea and cake, I reckon.
    Here’s mine – an ode to my candy floss brain! X

  2. Kerflooey is my go-to word when around elderly relatives and others who don’t know I write erotica. If I’m in safe company or people under 30, I just go ahead and say Mongolian cluster fuck.

  3. Never read or heard of kerflooey before. I know kaput. Interested to know where it originated from. Can’t seem to find any info. With heat waves we have had recently in South Africa, I have experienced what it is to be without any energy. At least you have spent a lot of energy with results to show for before you went kerflooey.

    • Haha! I hadn’t heard of it before either. I couldn’t find much in the way of etymology but I suspect possibly it might be American in origin, but don’t quote me on that!
      You have heat waves and we have cold and wet! Guess we are both in the wars.

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