Word for Wednesday (W4W) #51


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This week’s word is…


I have fallen foul of “the dreaded lurgy“.

I sit here a clammy, sweaty mess, gasping for breath, alternately wheezing and coughing up my poor congested lungs. Headache, constant sneezing, jelly limbs, upset tummy… you name it, I’ve got it.

Urban Dictionary provides this etymology for the phrase:


Perhaps I am from the wrong generation, but this particular clip failed to make me laugh… or maybe it’s my bad mood thanks to the lurgy?

Either way, I am more than ready for it to pack it’s bags and leave!



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8 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #51

  1. Me and the other half used to listen to The Goon Show recordings for hours. There’s something very Zen about listening to radio comedy, sipping a port or similar, surrounded by candles. Happy days. To be fair, The Goon Show, like many sketch shows could be very patchy,and Spike Milligan wrote an episode a week for long stints, regularly spiralling into depressions from overwork. Though just the sound of Sellers and Milligan putting on daft voices makes me smile!
    And lurgy’s such a brilliant word – one we use regularly here.
    Sorry you’re feeling poorly, lovely. I do hope you’re feeling much better soon. Hugs XX
    Here’s mine – feeling tiny 🙂

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