Word For Wednesday (W4W) #53


Play along here!

This week’s word is…



Green is my very favourite colour and even thinking about this word makes me so happy!

When I see this word I picture abundant emerald forests and fields, leaves, grass, hedgerows and moss. 

I see this…


I ask you… have you ever seen a more beautiful and breathtaking collection of photos? These are a sample from my Pinterest board entitled, you guessed it, “All Things Green“.

I think my love for this word stems from my deep love of nature. I am a bone fide tree hugger, a gardener, a nature freak to my very core. 

Look at the synonyms in the definition I provided! 

Lush     Rich      Flourishing     Thriving     Rampant

Such glorious words of excess, generosity, lavishness, surplus, profusion, fecundity, fruitfulness and fertility! All things to be enjoyed and celebrated in my opinion. In fact, I think I have found several new W4W’s right there!

Here’s to All Things Green!



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