Word For Wednesday (W4W) #57


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This week’s word is:



Uh… Those fucking people! Drive. Me. Insane.

Seriously? You feel it is THAT important to show off your superior knowledge? Really?

I have no problem with feedback, constructive criticism and debate… hell, I welcome it! But some people seem determined to nit pick simply for the sake of it.

I wonder why?

Is it like a form of OCD or Tourette’s, that they simply cannot help? Maybe, but I suspect it comes from a place of deep seated insecurity or lack of confidence. Why else would a person feel compelled to be so dogmatic as to correct a random fact/piece of grammar/spelling etc.?

It is petty, incredibly anally retentive and, more than anything else, annoying!

I have one thing to say to the pedants of the world…



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12 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4W) #57

  1. Can I conclude from your heated words that you have some very painful experience of pedantry? I must confess, much as I love Stephen Fry, there’s a part of me that cringes when he corrects someone saying ‘less’ instead of ‘fewer’ – I’ve only learned the difference myself in the last few years 🙂 It’s not polite, either, to pick up on someone’s speech if they haven’t been taught grammar properly – many of us weren’t! As long as you can understand the gist of something, then fine – unfortunately, sometimes that does mean quibbling over where to put an apostrophe!

    And as for mine – I send you a big Hygge

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