Word For Wednesday (W4W) #60


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This week’s word is:


Didn’t Phil know what he was talking about? Never has there been a truer poem in the history of all poetry! IMHO!

I also second my mate Leo’s take on family…


When we were younger, my sister and I used to lament the fact that our family was so unlike the Cosby Show, who seemed to personify all things ideal when it came to family life. (Given recent revelations, I have reconsidered Dr. Huxtable’s appeal as a father figure…)

A clear early family memory came back to me last week, whilst watching Stewart Lee’s excellent Comedy Vehicle on BBC, on the topic of Death. He spoke about how the first time a child encounters death is often the demise of a beloved family pet and it triggered this recollection for me –

I am not sure how old I was, I would hazard a guess at between 4-6 and my father, a plasterer by trade, came home from work one day with a round Blue Ribband margarine tub in his hands, saying he had a surprise for me. I was excited. He opened the tub and inside was the tiniest, cutest little mouse, (perhaps a wee baby or a door-mouse, I am not sure). Thinking he was giving me a pet, I clapped my hands and positively jumped for joy, delighted.

Was I wrong????

He had actually brought it home as a toy for our two Jack Russell Terriers to ‘play with’ and was simply ย letting me have a look before setting the poor doomed creature free into our back yard.

Cruel? Twisted? Sick?

Obviously this little mouse was not a beloved family pet, but for a few joyous minutes I thought s/he might be.

Add to the story the fact that my mother was standing next to me, cooking dinner. She had a terrible phobia of mice and I remember her saying his name and pleading with him to take the creature away from her.

I have no clue why I chose to share this story today… it’s bleak, dark and downright fucking weird!

But hey… today my family is the OH and my two furry little girls, who love me more than I could ever have hoped for, along with a collection of nephews and nieces that make my heart sing with joy and love.

Family is what you make it…


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16 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4W) #60

  1. I often think I am so lucky with my family, especially when I hear what other people have been through with theirs. We all get on OK and I think a large part of that is because we don’t interfere in each other’s lives. We’re there for each other for anything at any time but we don’t live in each other’s pockets. My parents and my youngest sister live ten minutes up the road and I might not see them for days, but I know they’re there if I need them.

  2. Such a great poem, isn’t it? It just reads so easy – the man was an expert at his craft and he read well too, which you can’t always say of authors / poets.
    And your story … If there’s any better illustration of what Larkin was trying to say, it’s that! Geez, that’s dark, love. What the hell was your old man thinking? I have some dark tales to tell about my dad, but your’s is definitely up there.
    Trouble is, as a parent, you really can feel yourself doing it to your own kid – I’m always on the look out for neuroses in my son that I may be causing – probably makes me neurotic too!
    As you say, best in many ways to pick your family yourself.
    Here’s my bit of canine love for you X

    • Yeah he was no Cosby! (mind you… he didn’t turn out to be all that either did he?)
      I am sure you are a great Mom and your boy is lucky to have you.
      I loved your doggy post today! lick lick! (that was lily and poppy saying hi!)

      • Yeah, parents are a weird bunch. I’ve more sympathy for my dad since I’ve become an adult – he was underprepared for parenthood and had his own serious issues to deal with. Still a bit pants, though. And I could be a worse mum, I guess, though it’s tough to balance being supportive / not smothering / not being tooo strict. He’s a nice lad, so we must be doing something right.
        Glad you liked the post. Maybe one day we’ll hear the patter of tiny paws here ourselves. (Dogs – definitely NOT cats – cos dogs are best) ๐Ÿ™‚

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