Saturday Rants

I read this excellent post from Cherrytart and felt compelled to share it here.
I share her views on this topic and think it is important to raise people’s awareness of the situation we have here in Ireland.
For the record, as a nation, we have been pretty progressive on several social issues: we were the first country in the world to introduce a levy on the use of plastic bags in 2002, in 2004, once again, we were the first country in the world to ban smoking in workplaces, and in May last year we voted to make same-sex marriage legal.
So, why is it we are reformist in terms of environment, health and gender equality? Could it be those topics are more fashionable? Easier to talk about?
Is the historic, and on-going, maltreatment of women and children in this country not ‘sexy’ or trendy enough for our politicians to address?
Read Cherry’s article and decide for yourself.
My response to it is at the end in her comments section.


Today sees the start  of my series of rants. I’ve been reading a lot over the  last few weeks about things that piss me off and I’ve decided to write about them. To do my bit to raise awareness. If you don’t want to read that’s fine 😀 And I apologise for all the links, I just think it’s easier, this post is already long enough without my trying to explain all the legalities and ins and outs of everything. (A lot of them are Wiki, but they pull all the news stories together).

Warning – This weeks post discusses abortion.

Ireland had a general election on 26th of February, five weeks on and we still don’t have a government. Because there was no overall majority the last lot are caretaking until they can decide between themselves who is actually going to be in charge. A typically Irish situation…

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Rants

  1. Thanks for sharing, love. You’re right to be furious. We all should be, even if we don’t live in Ireland – it’s completely a civil rights issue and thoughts rights are being abused with these laws.

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