Something New…

Today I was asked a fantastic question that actually left me speechless… a rare phenomenon, which happens about as frequently as a Super Blood Moon.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

I was stumped.

This saddened me, as it highlighted just how stuck I have become. I have a routine that seldom varies. I cannot remember the last time I did something for the first time.

This is not healthy I think.

I am stagnating.

I need to push myself and start to try new things; maybe things that scare me a little or make me uncomfortable.

I worry I am atrophying.

I also worry I am too lazy/scared/apathetic to change.

I can list some things I have never done – let’s see how likely it is I will do them…

I have never lived alone – unless the OH pops his clogs, or our marriage takes a serious turn for the worse I don’t think I will ever tick this box. In retrospect, I think I might have missed a basic life experience by going from home to shared accommodation to living with the OH. But, as I say, it is unlikely to happen now. Although I do love the idea of a house next door to him with a connecting door, living together separately appeals very much, but unless we win the Lotto is too is unlikely to happen.

I have never eaten Thai food – I have nut allergies so I am too scared to try Thai food. For the same reason I haven’t eaten a Chinese takeaway since my twenty’s because I fear a stray peanut getting lost in my Kung Po.

I have never passed a driving test – in fact I failed one spectacularly! I aced the theory, (obvs!), but stalled three times trying to leave the car park, turned a three point turn into a fifteen point turn, and the reversing around a corner task ended with me hallway down the road on the opposite side to where I was meant to be. I left the exam room, clutching my report in tears and never got back behind a wheel. Maybe this is one I should tackle again but I think it’s unlikely.

I have never tried a Jaggerbomb – or absinthe for that matter. Am I missing out?

I have never run a marathon – in fact I have never run any distance at all. Apart from kiss chase as a kid, running has not played a role in my life. I am at peace with this and have no desire to feel nipple chaffing, shin splints or aching knees. I’ll stick to walking thanks.

I have never played a team sport – I was forced once at school to play rounders. It was not a good day. Never again. Lone wolf here.

I have never been skiing – the OH would like to and I have told him we could absolutely go on a skiing holiday as long as I get to curl up in front of the fire with a book while he risks life and limb in the freezing cold. Snow boarding looks fun, but still, given that I can injure myself whilst walking from one side of the kitchen to the other it’s best I not risk it.

I have never ridden a horse – Are you kiddin’ me? Have you seen the size of those fuckers?

So, this leaves me wondering what new things I should try…

Suggestions welcome!



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23 thoughts on “Something New…

  1. It’s easy to get into a nice, comfy routine. I have one that suits me fine 🙂
    But I do worry about having very little life. I don’t drive either, although I used to go horse riding a fair bit as a kid, I loved it. Too many aches and pains to do it anymore. And I went skiing on a school trip, it was great but again I couldn’t do it now. Haven’t tried Jaggerbomb but have had the shots, OK but I wouldn’t say you’re missing anything 🙂 Never tried Absinthe.
    Somedays I do feel the urge to try something new, or at least write a list of thing I’d like to do, but to be honest somedays it just feels like too much work 😀

  2. I have played team sports, though soooooo long ago my body must have forgotten how to decades ago. And I’ve eaten Thai food, once, but being a veggie coeliac doesn’t really fit with Thai cuisine either.
    And as for the rest of your list – me neither! I know too many people who had accidents while skiing to try myself and besides I loathe the cold and have zero thigh strength! Never even taken a driving test, or had a lesson, so you’re further on than me! Horses are clearly mental – have you looked in their eyes? Terrified – always. I’m not riding one of those mad buggers.
    Used to quite like Pernod, which I guess is the safe younger sibling of absinthe, though they don’t put wormwood in absinthe anymore, so I;m not sure what the difference is anyway.
    All in all, last time I tried something new? Unless we’re talking toothpaste – years ago. That’s what kids are for, isn’t it? Getting them to do all the stuff you’re too chicken to do yourself 🙂

  3. Right… I ski, I go horseback riding. To be fair, I’ve had an accident horseback riding, though not the horse’s fault at all.
    Skiing… I started as a kid, but I didn’t go at all this year, because I didn’t have the time and my knee (after the horseback riding incident? Nah, it was more after the sprained ankle and knee 2 years ago) is still not strong enough to allow me to go often. I tried snowboarding once and said I’d never do it again. Too dangerous for me 😉
    You need to consider that you don’t have to go fast when you go skiing. So it’s no worse than falling from your own height most of the time. Though it sounds that it’s still slightly more dangerous than walking from one end of the kitchen to the other. Unless you’re juggling knives, of course, in which case skiing is less dangerous.

    I used to play team sports, and loved it. I used to do individual ones too, and loved it too. But I’d be hard pressed to play any sport any more :-/
    I really need to get fit again!

    Don’t talk to me about running. Unless it’s after a ball. I can’t stand the idea. So a marathon wouldn’t be for me, that’s for sure!

    Living alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, yes, you don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule, but it does get lonely at times.

    Thai food and the Jaggerbomb… I think you can live without those, there is really no strong incentive for me to try them either. I probably ate Thai already, but… there are so many different types of cuisine in the world, and it’s so easy to make it yourself… (at least for me 😉 That is when I feel like cooking, which hasn’t happened in a while ).

    I’d definitely give the driving another chance. If only because I know that my Grandma probably regrets not having taken the driving test. She is now dependent on others to drive her around since my Grandpa passed away. And she can’t walk to town as easily as she used to, and would certainly not do it by herself any more. But it’s too late for her to take the test now. So I’d try and take it before you are too afraid to do it. 🙂

    As for things you could try that aren’t scary for your physical integrity… you could take up sculpture or painting or even dancing. Unless you’ve already done all these things. I mean, you could always pick a different genre of dancing, or singing, or… there are so many things to discover in the arts department! You know you are good at creating something. Learn to create something from a different sort of material 🙂

    Good luck, let us know what you make. Or better yet, show us 🙂

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