Word For Wednesday (W4W) #64


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This morning I was chatting to a friend of mine; the sweetest, most kind-hearted girl you can imagine. I don’t think I have ever seen her be rude, mean or nasty to anyone. She has a beautiful, generous spirit. Today, she was struggling because something had brought back unpleasant memories for her. Something had triggered these recollections and she was in pain. I could relate to her 100%.

Triggers can pop up at the most unexpected times. I was sent reeling from one in a trashy TV crime show a while ago. One minute I was watching a mindless melodrama, the next I was frozen, flooded with unwelcome and suppressed memories, which started a descent that I am just now starting to climb out of.

Another example; I follow several stunningly beautiful women on twitter and they regularly post selfies and full body pictures of their envious physiques. Some days these pictures act as massive triggers for my self-image issues and my history of eating disorders. I spend the day feeling fat and ugly and berating myself for not looking like them.

Likewise, if I scroll through old photos of myself I can get totally caught up in a self-hatred spiral because I no longer weigh 6 stone.

Triggers are a pain in the ass.

They can hit you in the face and ruin your day, without warning. Many times they are unavoidable, such as the TV show that set me off. But we can avoid some of them. If I find myself looking back through pictures of me when I was stick thin I have to force myself to shut down the laptop and stop.

I was sad to see my lovely friend hurting today but I did remind her that, despite the unforgivable things that happened to her that she was recalling, she turned into a kind, generous and loving person. She could have let those experiences ruin her and made her bitter but she rose above them.

If anything acts as trigger for you, please try to step back and see how far you’ve come, how strong you’ve been and how you have survived whatever the trigger represents.

You are not broken and you are not beaten.

You are still here!



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12 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4W) #64

  1. I can so relate to the body image issues. It’s a deeply rooted issue that goes back to my parents. I have good days & bad days. I’m always secretly envious of those women who are strong enough to post images of themselves.

  2. Thankfully I’ve learned how to deal with most of mine. That doesn’t help on bad days though. The thing that sets me off the most is the ‘perfect’ bodies, Tumblr, magazines, book covers – they can all make me feel like absolute crap. I think body image is the one thing I still really struggle with, the comments I get on the blog do bring a smile to my face though. Here’s hoping one day we get through it 🙂

  3. What a lovely, sad and inspiring post. Music can do it too – certain tracks remind me of my dad’s funeral or a time when I was very, very low and are hard to listen to. And photos – you’re right – can be terribly sad and hurtful.
    But you need to take a little of your own advice, lovely. You weren’t healthy at that tiny weight – part of you knows that – and you’re still here, still lovely, still with the OH. You’re strong too. Hang in there, gorgeous lady X

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