Urban Landscape

I thought I would share some of the ‘breathtaking’ scenes I passed on my way into town this morning…











This looks like somewhere they would find my dismembered body…

































What’s with the discarded socks and bananas?














Great road upkeep.

















Broody sky







At least there are flowers…



Copyright, 2016, k1kat.com

All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Urban Landscape

  1. You’ve managed to make it all look very arty – nice job :). I know how you feel.
    Kept passing a heap of banana skins on my way to work where the same nobhead must finish their nana at the same point during their morning walk and dump the skin on the same pile. At least they stopped lobbing it over a fence into someone’s garden – after the garden owner stuck a rude notice to the fence.
    Volunteers planted ten apple trees near us recently on a bit of open ground – a sort of community orchard deal. A few days later there were only five left after some t**t pull the saplings out of the ground – roots and all. Some days I really feel there is little hope for humans.

  2. These photos definitely have a lot of character to them. You have an eye for capturing personality through landscape so that’s a great trait to have. Makes me want to write all sorts of stories – drama, horror, erotica, dramatic erotic horror – so thank you for the inspiration.

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