Word For Wednesday (W4W) #69


Play along here!

Yes, I know it is Thursday!

Apologies for another late W4W but I have good reason! Read on…

This week’s word is:


As you will probably know if you are a twitter friend, because I have been telling all and sundry of my woes this week, I have this –


I really shouldn’t be typing or tweeting or using my right arm much at all. The pain is intense, but as a chronically right handed person I am seriously struggling to NOT use my arm!

On Monday I had the pleasure of having my GP administer a cortisone injection directly into my shoulder joint. Yes, a two inch needle pierced my skin and sank balls deep into my poor inflamed tendon. I can tell you the sensation of 80mg of milky liquid being pushed into your tendon is not for everyone. A strange burning pressure. The worst part was afterwards; the pain seriously spiked as I paid the receptionist, (and not because I was waving goodbye to €50). The OH watched from the car as I left the surgery and said I was freakishly pale. I love pain yes, but not this type!

Two days rest and I can actually raise my arm to shoulder level again! It is stiff, and after ripping apart a whole chicken into portions for curry, a little sore, but seems to be on the mend.

It is funny that I am not remotely a 40+ year old male labourer, the most common sufferer.

I think, seeing as my pain stems from RSI from typing and tweeting, they should include bloggers and social media addicts to the list of at risk groups!

So, seeing as I have been suffering, you guys forgive my tardiness, right?

ps – you have no idea how tempted I was to have a different W4W this week… seriously, look at the number we’ve reached and remember that underneath the greying hair and ever increasing wrinkles of this blogger lies a weird little 14 year old boy freak… snigger!



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