It Starts at Four: On Consent and Rape Culture

I have to share this wonderful post about consent and how to tackle rape culture. This man rocks!

My son was the ringbearer in my brother’s wedding this weekend.  The flower girl was, I think, the daughter of one of the bride’s cousins.  To say they hit it off was probably a bit of an understatement; they were pretty close to inseparable at the bridal shower a few weeks ago and not much changed at the rehearsal or the wedding.  I’d post a picture of the two of them, but I’m not about to post a picture of somebody else’s kid without her permission and plus I plan on using the word rape a lot in this piece and I don’t really feel like having my son’s photo associated with that in Google.

Here’s the thing.  Everybody at the wedding was doing that heteronormative thing that people do when two little kids click and oohing and aahing about oh look at his girlfriend and all that nonsense all…

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One thought on “It Starts at Four: On Consent and Rape Culture

  1. My niece is also four. When my sister was pregnant with her, a couple she & her husband are friends with were ALSO expecting & their little boy was born the week after my niece…so my niece & this boy (both 4 years old now) spend weekends together and have come to be pretty good friends. My niece is…well, she’s the ringleader in pretty much any situation, so it’s her bossing this boy around, her chasing him (and sometimes kissing him), her being the activity director when they play games. One game they play is he pushes her in her little red wagon, and then she asks if he wants her to push him in the wagon (but she makes him push her first).

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