Word For Wednesday (W4W) #70


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I am a massive fan of the American sitcom Parks and Recreation. I look forward to watching it every week and it never fails to make me howl with laughter.

I think it is pretty special insofar as every character is enjoyable for their own reasons. I completely identify with  Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope. I have a massive crush on the hapless Andy, adorkably played by the very sexy Chris Pratt. I feel genuine pity for poor Jerry/Larry/Gary, the office object of scorn and ridicule with a heart of gold. My teenage crush Rob Lowe displays amazingly good comedic acting skills as the insanely positive Chris and Aubrey Plaza makes the OH’s heart beat a little faster with every episode.

But, arguably, the show stealer is the Parks and Rec Director, man’s man, Ron Swanson, and he has inspired my W4W this week.

Swanson, played to perfection by the pheromone-oozing, hunk of masculine testosterone that is Nick Offerman, is a die hard Libertarian who, despite working at City Hall, despises government and everything it stands for. Gruff and intimidating on the outside, with a menacing glare unmatched by even a Silverback gorilla, he is actually a big softie inside and always goes the extra mile to help people he cares about, (despite insisting he doesn’t care at all). One of my very favourite things is when Ron gets excited about something and his hard stare breaks into an impish expression of childlike delight as what can only be described as a girlish giggle escapes his mouth.

Ron has a very strict code by which he lives his life – hunt, kill and eat meat, stay firmly private and off-grid, approach any non-meat or non-breakfast foodstuff with suspicion, drink whiskey, make epic love, refuse to make close friendships and ‘be a man’.

He invariably gets some of the best lines in the show and a search on Google will reward you with a plethora of memes that will make anyone laugh – I call them Swansonisms. Nuggets of wisdom from the man himself.

Watch and Enjoy!



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