Word For wednesday (W4W) #72


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This week’s word is:


Last week, after suffering in silence for way too long, I went to the dentist to investigate my very painful tooth. He looked, asked some questions, did a test that LITERALLY lifted me out of the chair with pain and told me I had cracked my upper molar due to clenching and grinding my teeth – bruxism.

I was appalled to hear he was going to give me a root canal, but realising that there was no other way to save the tooth I complied.

This is my second root canal. I had previously cracked the lower molar, directly underneath this one. And yes, that too was caused by bruxism. I am a hopeless case!

I am trying to become more aware of the clenching but it seems to be a totally unconscious habit of mine. I spend most of the day with my jaw clamped firmly tight and always, always forget to wear my mouth guard at night.

I can now explain my constant headaches, neck aches and tension all along my shoulders.

I need to break this habit. I need to chill the fuck out and quit breaking my own teeth!

And it ain’t cheap! My first procedure cost €1400 and last week saw me wave good bye to €630, with an additional €500 if I get it crowned at a later date.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile, if you suffer too, here are a few notes about bruxism.

Ciao!    😬😬😬


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13 thoughts on “Word For wednesday (W4W) #72

  1. I was going to say wear a mouth guard – something hubs has been dooing for some while, being a terrible grinder himself! – but you’ve already got one. An ornamental one anyway 🙂 He does find it helps, honest. He doesn’t get the pains in his jaw he used to and he still has teeth 🙂
    A daily massage from the OH might help (any old excuse, eh?). Having a world that’s not falling apart at the seams … ?
    Nice word, there, miss. Even if it’s not for a nice thing 🙂

      • Maybe it is the wrong shape. I know they take some getting used to, but not sure they should actually hurt. And I’m sure the OH would be up for that – he s sounds like quite a man 🙂

      • I trimmed it down with my nail scissors, (very high tech!) and it was so much better last night! Yay!
        Hmmmmm, have I painted a rose tinted view of OH? Note to self… Write about his foibles!

      • Haha! I’m sure he’s just as great as you depict him 🙂 And glad you found the guard a bit more comfortable after your high tech solution 🙂 Do hope it helps 🙂

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