14 thoughts on “I Am… (A rather shit piece of self reflection)

  1. You are YOU, and there is no better person you could be.
    I wrote some similar poetry back in the days, I’ll try to dig up the link…
    It was hard to admit that this was how I felt. This is the one I wrote the day before.

    Oh, by the way, thank you for the trip down memory lane. It took me back to places and times and reading where I was at was very interesting!
    Good luck with being able to focus more on the positive side than on the negative feelings

  2. Hi Kat, I hear a talk last night from Alain de Button about love and relationship. One of his arguments is that in order to be any good at relationship we need to be good at self reflection. Even though you put yourself down in the above piece there is also the thought that you are brave is putting it up there for us to see…..I don’t think the learned bloggers who follow you will judge you but rather will be wonderfully supportive because they see a different character than who you see…its a strange phenomenon that we so often think our flaws outweigh what ever good we may have within us when so often those flaws we see are what others see as endearing…we are strange beings are we not…..

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