Kat’s Eye #01 Bitten


We have a plum tree in our back garden which has been devoured by some bug or other. We got fruit from it one year and it was delicious. Now, it is simply a pretty piece of living garden decoration.

I took this photo just now of a lower leaf that has suffered at the jaws of the mystery bug.

Can you see the little head shaped hole? I see a bunny with long ears sticking up…


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19 thoughts on “Kat’s Eye #01 Bitten

  1. I see a small alien, rather than a bunny!
    Don’t despair, the plums may yet come back next year.
    I’d check it’s not a caterpillar, or maybe some sort of aphid that digs tunnels within the flesh of the leaves. That would suck out most of the trees energy and could explain the lack of fruit. It could also be a yeast of some kind. Take a leaf to your local garden center, they’ll probably be able to help you help your tree πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh, lovely pic! It does look wintery – how have you managed that? Yeah, great title for a strand, that. Gorgeous, though a shame about the poor old plum tree. I think some tres have suffered this year as the weather has been so mental. No cherries from our usually reliable tree this year. Maybe 2017 will bring a bumper crop πŸ™‚

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