Kat’s Eye #07 – You Choose

I took some shots of this beautiful rose in my front garden and played with edits. The OH prefers the lighter versions whereas I favour the darker ones. Which work best for you?



I really wish you could press your noses to the screen and inhale the exquisite perfume!



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All rights reserved.

29 thoughts on “Kat’s Eye #07 – You Choose

    • Thanks! I haven’t got the little identifying tag anymore. There’s another one next to it that’s even deeper darker red. I have about five different rose bushes in all and they all have different scents. Love rose.
      Thanks Lynn!

      • Got to love a scented rose particularly – you can see why they’ve been so highly prized over the centuries. Can’t be doing with the weird rose gardens that are just a handful of stumpy twigs amid bare earth for 9 months of the year though 🙂

      • Yes! Hubs would have exclusively roses if I let him but I need variety and year round interest.
        I have a Blue Moon rose out the back and it is simply beautiful – a pale violet shade and gorgeous scent.

      • Yes. Got to love a scented flower I have six or seven lavenders in my small front and back gardens – for the bees and for the scent. Love it 🙂

      • Me too! Love lavender. Have thyme too and rosemary. I tend to buy flowers and shrubs for their scent more than anything else. My Daphne is gorgeous too. (God I sound like such a plant nerd!)

      • Haha! Nothing wrong with being a plant nerd – it’s a joy to be in the garden at this time of year, all the scents and sounds. We’ve encouraged so many different species into our garden through the planting – crickets and butterflies, bumble and honey bees hover flies and so many types of beetle, ones I have never seen before. I adore it 🙂

      • I’ve not heard any crickets but I do love the butterflies and bees. My dearest wish would be for a fox or hedgehog but I don’t think there are any around here.
        Last year we had little blue tits nesting and saw the wee babies take their first flight! It made my year that!

      • Ah, isn’t he a sweetheart. We used to have blue tits popping in and out of our garden, but I think they’ve been scared off by the cats. We have at least four or five that live around us and I’m never sure whether to put food out for the birds in case I’m luring them to their deaths. One of the neighbouring cats has already had our blackbirds – for cats are the devil’s offspring. Death on velvet paws.

      • When my parents in law moved into a converted barn surrounded by trees, there were hardly any birds around as the previous owner had several cats – all bird life scared away or killed. The parents in law, though, were dog people – within weeks those trees were filled with birds again and they stayed that we the whole time they lived there. Is it any wonder songbird populations are dropping? Cats may be convenient pets for townies but they’re murder for wildlife. Viva dogs I say 🙂

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