Is It Just Me?

I am sitting at my kitchen counter waiting for a man to arrive to repair and service my alarm system.

“So Kat, we are pretty accustomed to your tendency to share your mundane life but really, why are you telling us this?” I hear you ask.

Here’s why.

I am nervous. I hate the idea of a man I don’t know being in my house while I am alone here. I hate that I feel this way. I hate feeling vulnerable. I hate that it even enters my head that he could do me harm.

I hate that I wish my husband was here. He is an amazingly supportive man who always does his best to be home when we have any people in doing work on the house. This means he either takes a day off work or arranges to work from home. Today he simply couldn’t and that is totally fine with me. What I actually hate is that he feels he has to arrange to be here with me so much; that he knows how nervous and scared I feel when I am alone.

I put it to twitter asking why I am nervous and got a response from a male friend that it was ‘Stranger Danger’.


And, sadly, stranger danger awareness is a very real and necessary thing, but here is the rub…

Would a man ever feel as vulnerable in the same position?

Is this sexist? Or is it simply a reflection of fact?

Perhaps men do feel nervous or scared when strangers come to their homes.

Perhaps many of the women who read my blog will roll their eyes, shake their heads and think, “Kat, get a grip!”. Perhaps a lot of them never feel the same as I do. Perhaps they think I am being a total wimp.

Hell, I think I am being a total wimp!

Of course it is highly unlikely that this poor, innocent until proven otherwise, man will have any malicious intent towards me. He is coming to do a job, get in and get out and get paid. It is pretty ridiculous that I am worried about being alone with him.

Ridiculous, but real.

So tell me – is it just me?



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All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Is It Just Me?

  1. I think we probably all feel anxious when someone we don’t know is coming to do a job inside our homes. It’s a question of degree, and somehow you are feeling very vulnerable, as if you are powerless in the situation. You are not. You could try an affirmation or two – looking in a mirror can make affirmations work better. ‘OK I’m feeling nervous about this man coming, but I am NOT powerless. Maybe he’ll be scared of me! Maybe I’ll put my big bad wolf skin on’ 🙂

  2. Your fears are valid, sadly, but it is our response to them that changes things. Assume that this is just a guy doing a job, but keep nearby whatever makes you feel safer, keys, scissors, mobile phone with emergency services number ready to dial, that kind of thing.
    Maybe while he is there, be on the phone to someone?

  3. Really not just you, love.
    It’s partly the media focussing on crimes on women, but also just a sad fact that women often are victims of crime and the criminals are usually men. I think you have to tell yourself, though that a man from a reputable company, who’s made an appointment to come and your as partner knows he’s there is going to be very low risk as these things go.
    Well done for getting through it and I’m glad the bloke was lovely in the end.
    And you’re not as weird as I am – when travelling on a bus I will try to sit next to a woman rather than a man any day. And no, I don’t know why, I just feel more comfortable that way. 🙂

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