Saying Goodbye…

Today, I did a thing.

I finally, at long last, took a step towards accepting my new reality.

I filled a charity bag with all the clothes I will never fit into again.

It was a difficult and challenging thing to do – it felt as if I was saying that, even if I do lose weight, I will not ever be buying my clothes in the kids section again.

I truly marvelled at how tiny some of the pieces were… was I ever that slight?! Really?

So, there are some 11 year old girls in Chernobyl that will be getting a stash of jeans and tops soon…

…and I must accept that my days of being a waif are over.



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11 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye…

  1. It must be scary for you, letting go of that part of your life. But brave too, don’t forget. And remember, the kids’ section is called that for a reason – because the clothes are made for children. You are a fully developed, attractive woman who has no need for kids’ clothes anymore. You’re moving on and that’s okay. Well done for taking that step. Much love XX

  2. I totally agree with Lynn, and well done you 😀
    Being a crafter I hoard so much stuff (that includes clothes) but I’m gradually getting rid of things I know I won’t use, or wear again and there is a feeling of relief. And it’s great knowing that someone else will be able to use what’s gone.
    Maybe you could buy yourself something grown-up and sexy to celebrate?

  3. I think it’s a wonderful step. And you can either be contented where you are, because we know you’re gorgeous, or you can work to get to where you’d like to be, and then have the excuse to buy all new clothes 😉 It’s a win win! (I should know; I hold the Guiness world record for the number of times I’ve done this particular thing in the last 20 years…)

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