Kat’s Eye #41 -Warning! Arachnaphobics :DO NOT OPEN


Apologies to anyone who did not heed my warning and got a fright. I REALLY do understand how you feel.

I have documented my life-long, crippling phobia of the eight legged creatures here before ,but have since, thanks to hypnotherapy, been able to overcome much of my fear.

This is Toni, who has spent all summer getting fatter and fatter on the side of our shed. She has been quite a wonderful ‘therapy spider’ for me and I have been braver than I ever thought possible, watching her grow. I was actually quite sad to go out yesterday and see she has disappeared.

If you do suffer from a phobia and would like to be free of it, I can vouch for hypnotherapy. It has helped me. I’ve yet to touch one, but I have gotten close to them and even placed a glass over a monster one in my kitchen, (trust me, if you knew me a year ago you’d be shocked at that news!)

It can be done!





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