Kat’s Eye #56 – View From The Train

I cannot claim credit for this photo – the OH took it yesterday morning from his train commute. It shows the skyline over east Dublin, looking out to the sea, with the Poolbeg Towers just creeping into the left of the shot. The only thing I can take any credit for is a wee bit of tweaking to make the cute yellow cottage pop.




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Heads or Tails

The words on the screen blurred as she downed another gulp of neat vodka, wincing at its bitterness.

She toyed with the coin in her trembling hand – heads or tails – it was to decide her fate.

Her eyes, although bloodshot, remained dry; she was well past tears. Thinking of all that she had lost and what she had thrown away, she flipped the coin. She watched it spin in the air, letting it fall to the floor with a tinny ping before taking another mouthful, holding her breath, in no hurry to look at the results.

Closing her eyes, she felt the tension in her shoulders, muscles burning, her head felt too heavy on her delicate neck and she struggled to sit upright.

Her head will hurt tomorrow…

She opened her eyes and looked at the coin – tails – and smiled a slow, sad smile, thinking, “No hangover then”.

Popping open the dark bottle, she shook out a handful of tiny white pills, swallowing them all at once with the remaining vodka.

She looked to the computer and hit Send –

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”


Copyright, 2017, k1kat.com

All rights reserved.