Kat’s Eye #94 – Too Close For Comfort

To say I am clumsy or accident prone would be a massive understatement. The OH will wholeheartedly testify to my lack of grace and incredible talent to break things and/or myself.

I was cooking a curry, enjoying an afternoon of domesticity, and as I leaned over the stove top I felt intense heat from the gas ring I had just turned off. I looked down and saw that I had narrowly escaped a singed nipple… and I only bought that top last week too!


(Rest assured… no nipples were harmed for the purposes of above photograph.)


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Size Matters?

Yesterday I treated myself to a few bargains in town.

I browsed through the ‘last chance to buy’ rail and found two tops I liked. Not checking the sizes, relying on my eye, I took them to the changing room to try on. Both fitted perfectly and I went home very happy having bagged two new tops for the ridiculous price of €5.

When I got home I did the usual removal of the price tags and noticed something rather shocking.

Before I reveal this, take a look at the photo I took of both tops…


Bear in mind I bought these tops in THE SAME SHOP…

One is a size 6 and the other is a size 16.  Image-1-7 copy

Can you even guess which is which?

I thought I should share this because I know I am not alone in feeling cheated when it comes to clothes sizing. I am starting to think we should do away with it altogether and do as I did yesterday, rely on our eyes and a mirror to select our clothes. I know… online shopping makes this impossible.


This is a clear reminder not to take whatever number is on the label of your dress or jeans too seriously.


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