Getting to know me…A-Z!

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Attached or Single? Married! With the OH since 1991… yes… it’s been a loooong time!

Best Friend   See above! The OH wins this title!

Cake or Pie? I don’t eat cake… ever! Pie for me means savoury… fish pie, chicken pie, steak and kidney pie. Aaaand now I want pie!

Day of Choice? Sundays. I love the easy feel to them but I also find them bittersweet because it marks the beginning of the end of the weekend.

Essential Item?iPad! My baby is constantly in my hand. It goes everywhere with me. I’ve named him ffs!

Favourite Colour?     Green.

Gummy Bears or Worms? Oh! Neither! They give me migraines. I’d favour a good quality dark chocolate any day.

Home town? Oh now THAT would be telling!

Indulgence? My ultimate indulgence is something I actually haven’t had in years… which makes me sad. I need to fix that! Full body deep tissue massage!

January or July?    January is usually bleak. Broke, fat and hungover after Xmas. I’ll take the heat and sunshine of July any day. It also contains my wedding anniversary, so it’s a special month.

Kids? Two furry ones! Lily, the Bichon Frise, (AKA The Love Of My Life)






Poppy, the Cavachon, (AKA The Destroyer)

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Life is not complete without…? Laughter and love.

Memory you cherish? Very special memory of the exact moment I fell for the OH. A close second is the day I got Lily.

Numbers of brothers/sisters? One of each. I’m the baby.

Oranges or Apples? I prefer apples but developed a pretty lethal allergy to them many years ago. I would LOVE a crunchy apple snack but, well, it’s just not gonna happen.

Pet Peeves? Oh god! Rudeness. Lateness. Narrow mindedness. Cruelty. Or you could just read this…

Quotes? These


And obviously this!


Reasons to smile? My dogs, the OH, my nieces and nephews, my wonderful friends, chocolate! Just noticed the dogs beat the OH in the list!

Season of choice? Oh that’s hard! I’m torn between Spring and Autumn. Spring brings with it brighter days and the beauty of nature coming alive again after winter’s harshness. But I think I have to opt for Autumn. The leaves changing colour, the softer light, the excuse to wrap up more… perfect!

Tea or Coffee? Coffee!!! I always know I’m getting sick when I crave tea.

Unknown fact about me? What’s left after this grilling? Um… I can do the splits.

Vegetable? Ok let’s keep the stereotype alive and kicking, I do love my potatoes!

Worst habit? Lack of patience, with others and myself.

X-Ray or Ultra-sound? I have had x-rays several times and never like the idea of the radiation! I have never had an ultrasound but does an MRI trump both? Had one of those!

Your favourite trip? Fuerteventura. For once, I completely relaxed.

Zodiac sign? Scorpio.

That was fun!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better.

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