Word For Wednesday (W4W) #68


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This week’s word is



How I have been feeling and some explanation as to why my W4W is a day late!

I need distraction. I need stimulation. I need to be busy.

I need to not be so fucking meh!

Someone shake me? Slap me? Give me a kick up the arse!

I will try, my lovely friends, to remove my own head from where it is lodged far up my rectum soon and revert to being a cheerful, productive blogger… I really will try.

Peace out.

*drops the mike…



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Word For Wednesday (W4W) #55


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This week’s word is:


I googled the antonym for creativity but could not find a suitable word to describe the utter void I feel lately in terms of writing, crafting, or basically doing anything other than vegging in front of the TV or tackling mundane daily tasks.

I have a compelling desire to create but I lack the drive or inspiration to actually do anything. I am at a loss for how to solve this issue. I worry that my blogs will wither and die if I cannot drag myself out of this slump I find myself in.

I would hate for that to happen. My blogs are my lifeline.

I have stuck been in a depression now for a while and am also struggling daily with a particular issue that I seem unable to conquer. In the words of my very wise friend Feli;

“You’re not going to pull out of your slump till you get proactive. And it doesn’t have to be this. But you need to find something good to do for yourself. And just do it. Stop thinking about it. Do. It.”

That’s tough love right there… that’s real friendship.

Can I? I don’t know. I know I’ve done if before, so it isn’t impossible, but…

Always but…



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Word For Wednesday (W4W) #44


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Everyone who reads my blogs knows my BFF is known to you all as Felicity Johns, a gifted writer who made the decision last week to delete her blog. I know she underestimates how much she will be missed and how much we all enjoyed her fiction and poetry.

I am going to use this post as an opportunity to tell her that if it wasn’t for her blog, The Dark Night Chronicles, we would never have met each other and for that reason alone I am very grateful she created it. Feli, you told me just the other day, (I will expand on this in another post soon), that I am a ‘lifetime’ person and you know what? so are you!

I love you sis and I look forward to whatever your next creative endeavour will be!

This week’s word is…


I was searching for a W4W this morning and was toying with the word happiness so I searched for its definition only to be reminded that a synonym for happiness is… felicity!

I cannot think of a better nom de plume that my friend could have chosen.


Her friendship is a constant source of happiness in my life and to say she has a “pleasing manner” with words is an understatement. Her ability to craft a beautiful sentence is indisputable.

I am sure I am not alone in wishing her a felicitous life as she moves forward.



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200th Post!


Seems I have made it to 200 posts on this blog!


I would like to say a mahoosive Thank You to every single one of you guys and gals that take the time to read my musings on life. I always try my best to make you laugh or make you consider a new perspective on something. I always try to entertain you or make you think. I hope I achieve my goals and that I continue to enjoy your company and readership as I continue my little blogging adventure!

I must say, I am still surprised and immensely flattered to think that any of you ever actually read my words, and your feedback is always most welcome and greatly appreciated.

How’s about, seeing as the day that’s in it,  I open this up?

Is there anything you’d like me to write about? Anything at all! I promise I will see if I can muster up an opinion or a cute anecdote related to it…

So… in celebration that my first tentative, clueless, baby steps into blogging, back in April 2014, have resulted in me connecting with such wonderful people as yourselves, branching out into erotic fiction and poetry and running my own weekly meme W4W will y’all join me as I dance around my kitchen?



Let’s see where the next 200 will take us!? You with me?



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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #28

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This week’s word is…



As some of you who read my other blog may know, I began a series of stories entitled Heat a while ago and simply fell in love with the characters and what I think lies ahead for them. I realised that, rather than letting the story flow, I was beginning to get very bogged down in the ‘logistics’, for want of a better word. I was obsessed with making sure certain information details added up, which was proving difficult while writing each part of the story in isolation to the ‘bigger picture’ I had in my head of how it all would end. I made the decision to step away and continue the narrative outside of the blog, with the hope of making it into something more than just a series of stories, dare I say it… (gulp!) a novella.

I expected this decision would free my little creative soul to the extent that my fingers would become numb from all the typing I thought I would be doing, desperate to get Elsa and Bill’s story down once and for all…


Instead I simply did nothing.

I struggled to come up with W4W, other erotica, any fiction at all really. I shut down.

I think this happens to any one who writes. We need that time to step back, just let things sit in the dark, fermenting away in our subconscious until they are ready to be taken back out and crafted into the final product.

This is where I am with Heat. After a month of zymurgy, I am ready to return to see what has bubbled to the surface.

This morning I took out four large A3 sheets of blank paper and, with my favourite green inked pen, begin tracing outlines, character developments, plot lines, conflicts etc. I have never taken this style of structured approach before and I am curious to see if I will find it beneficial or if it will cause me to freeze.

Either way, it is a first step and I’m excited to see where it leads.

After all Stephen King has been known to put down novels only to return to them years later and it hasn’t done him any harm at all!

I would love to hear from other writers as to whether they use the zymurgy method and how it works for them.



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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #17


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Today’s word is…


I wrecked my head trying to define time without using the actual word… time! Think about it… right?!

So, I did what we all do: Google!


And then I felt pretty dumb for not being able to define time without using the word time! Doh!



Time is precious.

We never seem to have enough of it, right? At least I don’t.

And, annoyingly, as I never seem to have enough of it, I am very, very careless with the time I do have.

I waste sooooo much time!

Hang on… How do we ‘waste’ time? Is it really wasted? If we are doing something, whatever it is, is that actually time wasted? I spend far too much time online; either chatting on twitter, reading blogs, writing my blogs, or simply browsing through various websites, one of which, funnily enough, is called, I Waste So Much Time!

Why do I think of this as ‘wasted’ time?

Twitter is just me chatting to my friends; that isn’t wasted time!

Reading and writing blogs certainly isn’t wasted time… I read for pleasure and to become a better writer myself. I write to express my thoughts, opinions and to get some creative release.

Browsing on websites… hmmm, possibly that IS wasting time, but hey! they are funny or informative sites, so shoot me!

I guess, unless we are actively doing something productive or that we are paid for, we think of what we do as wasting time… which I think is being pretty hard on ourselves. I think we need to waste time sometimes, you know? It’s when we allow ourselves to chill out, recharge, be lazy. That’s necessary, in my opinion.

Sigh… I have a pile of ironing ahead of me, a meal to cook, cleaning to do… and I just want to stay writing, reading, chatting all day. I want to ‘waste’ my time today but I can’t. Those shirts need to be ironed, that meal needs to be prepared and the house needs cleaning.

Maybe I’ll try to get through it all super fast and enjoy more time wasting once I’ve done all my Domestic Goddess duties? Yeah! Better fuck off and get these chores done people!

Then I can waste all the time I want!



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Show, Don’t Tell


I have not been very active on my blogs lately for a number of reasons… depression, lack of energy, lack of motivation, lack of words!

I have had several ideas fermenting in the dark and dingy recesses of my mind though, images and pictures prompting me to come up with stories to match them.

One image in particular I simply couldn’t shake off was of a woman, sitting at a mirror, removing her make up. There was a heavy feeling of sadness and hopelessness around her and I wondered why. I felt she was wearing a mask, hiding behind the mascara and lipstick, the way so many of us do. But more so, she was hiding from herself. She could not face herself in the mirror. There was a deep sense of self loathing about her.

So today, on a whim, I sat down and opened my MacBook and just started to write. Her story developed as I wrote and it was completed in less than ten minutes.

I hesitated about whether to post it or not. It felt very unpolished, (well, ten minute stories usually are!), and I felt I hadn’t quite fulfilled the very wise brief issued by Anton Chekov above.

I wonder how other writers work? I would love to hear about your process.

Do you write fast or slow? Edit heavily or, like me, barely at all? Plan your story or just let it flow? How do you cope with blocks? What aspects of writing are most challenging for you?

Do you, like me, struggle sometimes to show and not tell? I think it is the mark of truly good writing and I aspire to it, although I do not always succeed.

I wonder too if you are like me. I don’t write at all for days, maybe for up to an entire week and then I have a day like today where I have churned out 4, (yes 4! Go me!), blog posts.

It is probably about having the time, or maybe it’s simply a headspace thing, I don’t know. I wonder as I write this how long it will be before I write again? I never write over the weekends because the OH is here and I think it is important to spend time away from the blogs and focus on us.

So I will wait to see if next week brings inspiration or not.

I hope it does. The days when I write are the best days!

Thanks for reading and please do comment about your writing process, I am all ears!

If you want the story and today’s other posts here they are!

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