Random Facts About Me – Food

I am awesome with eggs.

I prefer instant coffee to filter, unless I am out and can get a really good Americano.

I make my coffee with three heaped teaspoons and couldn’t imagine only using one as the jar suggests.

I prefer my toast to go cold before I butter it. Soggy buttery toast is not good.

The smell and taste of cucumber makes me nauseous.

I cannot understand why people eat mint sauce with lamb… seriously? Why?

The same goes for horseradish and anything.

If I had a Facebook status regarding food it would read “It’s Complicated”.

I often think of what to make for dinner before I’ve even had breakfast.

I always eat breakfast.

I am THAT woman that takes photos of her food to post to twitter.

I have instigated a rule with my bestie that we must send each other photos of our dinners.

She loves food as much as I do and gets ridiculously overexcited about leftovers.

I have never tasted anything Thai.

I do not see the point of cod – bland, flavourless, blah.

I love cheese but rarely allow myself to eat it.

Cold pizza rules.

I save a morsel of my dinner to treat the dogs once I am finished eating. They stare me down.

I have been caught perving on fellow diners food while eating out.

You do not want to be near me when I am hungry.



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