Kat’s Eye #94 – Too Close For Comfort

To say I am clumsy or accident prone would be a massive understatement. The OH will wholeheartedly testify to my lack of grace and incredible talent to break things and/or myself.

I was cooking a curry, enjoying an afternoon of domesticity, and as I leaned over the stove top I felt intense heat from the gas ring I had just turned off. I looked down and saw that I had narrowly escaped a singed nipple… and I only bought that top last week too!


(Rest assured… no nipples were harmed for the purposes of above photograph.)


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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #18

Play along with me and ping back!

This week’s word is…


I love talking to my bestie… I just enjoy the banter and exchange, the laughs and sharing our lives, our fears, concerns and worries.

One thing about talking to her that gives me particular joy is our common language that separates us so often. I have already used a chat between her and I for a W4W.

Another funny miscommunication happened just this morning.

Along with sex, the topic that we discuss most of all, (actually, more than sex), is food. We are both women who LOVE our food. We share a tendency to get ridiculously over-excited about what we are going to eat, (Feli has been known to reach dizzy heights of excitement over leftovers… a story for another day).

Every day we share with each other what we plan for our evening meals… Our 5 hour time difference means I often wake up to a photo of whatever delicious delight she concocted the previous evening, and I routinely send her pics of my dinners to drool over.

This morning she described how she had barbecued a whole chicken last night, to which I responded that I had considered spatchcocking my chicken last night but decided against it… (and yeah I used that very poor pun).

This is her reply…


Yes, that’s my lovely, filthy-minded bestie right there!

I took the higher road, (unusual for me), and explained to her what it means…


I then received an email entitled “molested chicken”, showing the poor fowl in all it’s barbecue roasted glory, indeed spatchcocked and looking mouthwateringly good.


Seems she remains married to the kinkier interpretation of spatchcocking.

I love her! She can make me laugh way too much.

I just told her that she has once again inspired a W4W and here is our exchange…


Seriously, why don’t we have our own show like these chicks? Wouldn’t you guys tune in?!

I have no doubts that I will be sharing more of our weird and wonderful chats with you  guys and gals.

Hope they make you giggle too!

p.s. (I did share the “an angry cock is a scary thing” story with you all didn’t I?!)



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