Reality Bites

Silver sunlight sparkles on the still surface of the water as the bow of the boat slices smoothly through it. I hear you approach from behind. You rest your hands on my shoulders, gently massaging them, “Coffee? Wine?”

I smile, “Surprise me.”

Long, heavy, leaden branches droop lazily into the canal, overburdened with foliage and blossoms. A verdant paradise of scented sensory stimulation. I close my eyes and inhale the perfume, listen to the soft lapping of the water, feel myself lightly rocked by the motion of the barge.

I hear you sink into the chair next to me and I turn to open my eyes and look at you. You are holding out a glass of sparkling white wine, cloudy condensation dripping down the glass. I take it and raise it in the air.

“To you,” you say.

“To us,” I reply and we clink a toast.

Its effervescence tickles my nostrils as I take a sip; sharp bubbles bursting on my tongue and catching in my throat making me cough slightly. Giggling I swallow and watch you as you look out at the scene before us; ducks and swans swimming amicably alongside us, green tendrils trailing beneath the surface of the water.

I feel content, relaxed and happy. Everything is just how it should be. Everything feels right.

A loud voice shatters my peace, “Now then! Time to take your vitals again, up you sit,” the strong, forcefully cheerful Dublin accent of the nurse breaking through my dream. Unwelcome, familiar pain floods my body as I struggle to sit up, my mouth parched, lips cracked.

Reality crashes in.


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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #37


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This week’s word is…


Ah dreams! I am a big dreamer and always try to remember mine and frequently google them to try to work out their meanings. Many times the meanings really do relate to something happening in my life at the time. But then again, I guess you could argue, as with horoscopes, it’s all down to interpretation!

I get terrible nightmares where I wake up screaming – I actually purposefully wake myself up. It is difficult to explain, but the thing that happens in this recurrent nightmare is so awful, I feel an overwhelming need to escape it. I often experience a form of sleep paralysis where I can feel myself desperately trying to scream but my throat closes and won’t allow me to do so. It’s horrible. But I do manage to eventually wake myself and usually the OH too.

Other times I can experience lucid dreaming, which is wonderful! Or I can wake from a pleasurable dream and return to it if I try to, which is also a great feeling. And yes, I can have those dreams… the highly pleasurable ones… you know what I am talking about! Oh those are the BEST!

However, (as the word is used in film theory to represent a dreamlike/surreal state), I suspect I will pass through today in an oneiric fog, due to the fact that I got barely any sleep at all the last two nights. I have a busy day ahead of me and, whereas all I want to do is snuggle back under the duvet and snooze, I must get on with my usual chores.

I apologise for the short and distinctly poor W4W offering today, but I think you guys and gals will take pity on a blurry eyed, messy haired blogger, sitting in her bed with tea, trying her best to produce something!

My only hope is that tonight I will sleep and, with a bit of luck, enjoy a couple of good dreams and no nightmares.

Tell me about your dreams!



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