Return of the Kat!


I blogged on Tuesday about my WP absence and the difficult time I have been having and today I am very  happy to tell you that I am back to what passes for normal for Kittykat.

I underwent a couple of not very pleasant procedures called a hysteroscopy and a D&C a month ago. They were a long time coming, as I had deferred and rescheduled them several times due to chest infections and generally being a total scaredy-kat about the whole general anaesthetic thing. However, I got through it and came out the other side, bruised, bleeding and sore but in one piece.

Lying in bed afterwards, still groggy from the GA, the young doctor stood beside me and casually dropped the C-bomb on me. I had no idea cancer was even a possibility, so this came as quite the shock. In retrospect, the doctor really should have waited for me to be more alert and should certainly have waited until the OH had returned to be with me while she spoke to me.

I went home, having been told that my biopsy was being marked urgent, as the procedure revealed some ‘suspicious’ things, and that I would return for results about whether or not I had cancer within 4 weeks.

Way to break the news!

I spent four weeks making dreadfully dark jokes about having cancer, dying and all things morbid, (as is my way…). I think the OH deserves an award of some sort for putting up with me. I did my research online and basically resigned myself to the fact that I would be facing a hysterectomy and that was that. Pragmatic Kat.

Yesterday, I went to get my results. On the drive in we spotted a single magpie and of course I made a joke about that. We talked nonsense in between asking each other if we were ok, (we said we were but we weren’t). We touched hands and exchanged glances a lot more than was probably safe whilst driving.

When we reached the hospital I suddenly felt more tense than I had through the entire four weeks previously, suddenly tearful and anxious. Vulnerable.

My name was called and a pleasant doctor spoke the words everyone facing a cancer diagnosis wants to hear, “Your histogolgy came back good.” My chances of developing cancer over the next 20 years are less than 5%… I’ll take those odds thank you very much!

I felt, after my cryptic blog posts, that I owed y’all and explanation and, boy, am I happy to be giving this one rather than the much less happy one I had rehearsed in my head for weeks.

I confided in a few people I consider good friends on twitter, and I have to say, they were absolutely amazing in their kindness and support. I really am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Who says twitter friends aren’t ‘real’? They say you know who your true friends are when the shit hits the fan… this was proven to me recently.

My bestie and soul sister Feli was amazing too. She was, as always, a quiet, solid source of strength for me and I am truly grateful to her for telling me I was simply not allowed to have cancer. (And for carrying on as normal in the meanwhile, discussing all the most important things in life, ie; sex and food.)

And as for the OH… where do I begin? The man was there. 100% there. He gave me space to make bad jokes, to be moody, to be silly, to get disgustingly drunk, to be whatever I needed to be. I want to publicly thank him for, as clichéd as it is, being my rock.

And so my friends, that is my news! Its good. I feel lighter than I have in months. I can breathe again!

Fret not, I will still bitch and moan about being ugly/fat/useless/depressed… I am still me after all.

But for today I am smiling.

And listen to me – If you notice anything odd happening to your body, do this…



Make the call now.

Don’t be a scaredy-kat.

Don’t put it off.

I spent two years, (yes, really), being silly and burying my head in the sand and I still got amazingly lucky.

Don’t be a twit like me.


And go hug someone you love!



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Still Here!

You may have, (or, more likely may not have), noticed my absence of late. Today is the first day I have felt able to open my beloved Mac Book Pro and type again.

I have been facing some tough challenges, health and personal, the details of which I will not bore you with right now, but suffice to say they have been enough to have seen me retreat into myself in order to get through the past couple of months.

The lovely OH bought me this last month as part of my birthday stash and it makes me smile to think of how very well he knows me.


This morning is the first time I have plucked up the courage to make a few notes in it about what is on my batshit-crazed-hamster-in-a-wheel-mind, and it surprised me by actually helping.

I will be getting some news on Thursday that will hopefully be good, but even if it is not, I think I will be ok. I have *Himself, who has been a tower of strength, and some very lovely friends who have reached out and offered support over the past while.

I feel the urge and need to write again, to be part of the blogging community and to rebuild much-valued links and relationships here. I do not have anything of great insight or creativity to share just yet, but I am hopeful that this first wee toe-dipping today is the start of KittyKat coming back to the blogosphere that I have missed so much.

Love y’all!


* no, not god! I am not a believer in magic; I refer to the OH here.


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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #30


Please do join in! The rules are here.

This week’s word is…



I stumbled upon this word recently and knew it had to feature in W4W!

I spend most of my time in a state of twitterpation. I am always falling head over heels in love with new people I meet. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic or sexual way; I fall for the person, their personality, their humour, their intellect.

I can’t help it… I meet a new person that intrigues me, fascinates me and stimulates my imagination and I am overcome with a new crush… smitten!

Sometimes these new friends stay and become a fixture in my life, (looking at you Felicity!). Other times, I enjoy an intense period of getting to know them, learning about them and their lives, until the relationship burns itself out and we move on and lose touch. It’s sad at times, but I am always glad to have met the person and made that connection, however long it lasts. I think we have different people in our lives at different times for different reasons.

I am sure I will meet another new pal soon and become smitten by their own unique qualities. It might be the start of a long friendship or it might be a flash in the pan, but either way we will have fun, enjoy each other and learn about each other.

I wonder if a new reader is reading this now and will you be my next crush?

Here’s to being twitterpated!



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200th Post!


Seems I have made it to 200 posts on this blog!


I would like to say a mahoosive Thank You to every single one of you guys and gals that take the time to read my musings on life. I always try my best to make you laugh or make you consider a new perspective on something. I always try to entertain you or make you think. I hope I achieve my goals and that I continue to enjoy your company and readership as I continue my little blogging adventure!

I must say, I am still surprised and immensely flattered to think that any of you ever actually read my words, and your feedback is always most welcome and greatly appreciated.

How’s about, seeing as the day that’s in it,  I open this up?

Is there anything you’d like me to write about? Anything at all! I promise I will see if I can muster up an opinion or a cute anecdote related to it…

So… in celebration that my first tentative, clueless, baby steps into blogging, back in April 2014, have resulted in me connecting with such wonderful people as yourselves, branching out into erotic fiction and poetry and running my own weekly meme W4W will y’all join me as I dance around my kitchen?


Let’s see where the next 200 will take us!? You with me?



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Writing 101: Day 6: Character Study

We met last year on WordPress.

I cannot recall which one of us read the other’s work first, or who was the first to comment and start chatting. I do remember thinking she was an incredibly talented writer, and feeling slightly in awe of her.

Once we started talking, we discovered striking similarities in our lives and personalities. Early on, she shared with me her love of food by telling me she had some leftovers in the fridge, which she was inordinately and disproportionately excited about eating later that day; I completely understood where she was coming from. Simpatico!

Since we began talking I do believe not a day has gone past that we haven’t exchanged Skype messages, DMs or emails. I call her my soul sister and, put simply, I am completely in-friend-love with her!

Standing just shy of 6 feet tall in her bare feet, a thick mop of curls framing her very pretty face, (she has no idea how gorgeous she is, which saddens me), a voice sweet as honey, high and lilting with her delicious Southern drawl, we often joke what a funny looking pair we would make. With me just scraping in at 5 feet short, she joked one time that we would look like Annie Potts standing next to Ru Paul, from which a typically silly conversation about big black cocks ensued. Don’t ask…

Incredibly funny and quick-witted, with a lexicon any sailor would be proud of, she makes me howl with laugher every day. We talk about anything and everything, effortlessly switching between serious life issues to mundane houswifey exchanges about cooking to hilariously surreal comedy sketches.

Her tale of her very aggressive angry cock, (FYI: she keeps chickens and hadnote the past tense… a cockerel) one day made me almost wet myself and had a similar effect on the OH when I shared it with him. I awoke one morning to the text, “Angry cock is dead”, and felt compelled to screencap it and tweet it along with the words, “who else is lucky enough to wake up to such a message from their bestie?” It seemed the previous evening “angry cock” attacked her for the last time and paid the ultimate price. This is one lady you do not mess with!

Multitalented to the point that, if I didn’t love her, I’d hate her, she impresses me frequently with her array of skills. Her portfolio includes; drawing, writing, singing, (she’s an alto), piano playing, carpentry, butter and cheese-making, cooking, baking, sowing, knitting, animal husbandry, shooting, horse training and horse riding, she even acted as midwife to a sheep once, or was it a pig?

There are bound to be more things I will discover about her as our friendship continues. I’m pretty sure she could hotwire a car, and of course, we know she can kill a cockerel bare-handed, “process” him, (euphemism for plucking and gutting) and happily enjoy him for dinner.

I remember being as nervous about our first Skype call as I would have been for a first date… what if she didn’t like me? what if we ran out of things to talk about? what if she thinks I’m boring? Three hours later, exhausted from laughing and talking, we ended the call with promises to do it again, and we have, several times, but not enough in my opinion.

I love so many things about her; her accent and turns of phrase make me smile, (“Oh my lord!” in her Scarlett O’Hara-esque pitch), her snorts of laughter, her passionate rants about government, men, stupid people, her habit of constant throat-clearing and gazing wistfully off into the distance as she thinks about what she wants to say, and stories about her Mom, (who incidentally, sounds as eccentric and endearingly loony as she is!).

I’ve met her dog, cat, (who is, weirdly, called my name!), and horse and I have been introduced to her chickens! She has met the OH and my two dogs.

We have shared photos from our younger days, stories about our lives and families, we have swapped our most embarrassing stories, (which she made me swear I would never even tell to the OH… oh god it is such a good story!)

I truly hope that we will continue to be friends for life. She has added to my life in so many ways. I am constantly threatening to hop on a plane and visit her and she has promised if she ever wins the lottery she will move to Ireland and we can get into all sorts of trouble together. I’ve promised if I win it I’m flying over, picking her up and we head to the best suite in the best hotel in NYC for a couple of weeks of hedonism and mischief… the details of which are way too scandalous to print here.

If any of you reading this know her and know me… well, I think you can imagine the debauchery!

I realise now that, rather than write a character study as was my brief, I have penned a love letter to my best friend, and that is fine with me! Life is short and I am a firm believer in taking every opportunity to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

Feli… I love ya sis!

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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 13)



Day 13

Zoe – Sunshine On A Rainy Day (1990)

Sadly I was unable to find a clip to share the song with you, but this brings back fond memories of my college friend, Linda.

She was tall, blonde, hilarious and filthy.

We got into so much trouble together and had many, many crazy adventures. I couldn’t possibly tell you half of the stories without completely ruining what little of my good reputation I have left!

Suffice to say, we had a ball!

This song reminds me of her because every Friday night, as we got the bus back to our home town, it seemed to be playing on the radio. She would start seat-dancing and turn to me with a wicked grin and I knew we were hitting the clubs that night and it was going to be epic!

We lost touch after college and I have no idea how her life is now, but I wish her well.



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To Unfollow or Not To Unfollow… that is the question

I love

I would even go so far as to say it has changed my life… for the better.

It so happens that the reason I started this blog was thanks to the encouraging words and advice from someone on twitter, who has become a much-valued friend. (If you are reading this Minna, once again, thank you!)

I live a fairly solitary existence, and twitter has brought so many kind, funny, inspiring and interesting people in to my life. It allows me to be the truly outgoing person I naturally am. It allows me to connect with other people, share life experiences, stories and jokes.  I log on each day looking forward to seeing what my friends are up to and how their lives are moving along.

I have been amazed by the warm-heartedness and generosity of people there. A few lovely souls were very quick to pick up on my low mood last month, and the level of concern and support they offered was genuinely touching.

I have discovered through DMs that people, who present publicly as carefree, often carry terrible burdens and unhappiness in their lives. It has made me more aware that no one, however happy they seem, escapes this life unscarred. I have felt privileged that they allowed me into their world, and honoured to be able to help them by simply listening or offering words of support and empathising with them.

However, as with everything in life, there are downsides to twitter.

The haters.    The trolls.    The subtweeteers.

Don’t get me started on the repeat RT offenders or spammers!

I have encountered nastiness and inappropriate behavior.  I follow relatively few men after some unpleasant encounters. The guys I do follow are funny and know when they are overstepping the mark. They are not out to deliberately hurt or cause offence.

It was with genuine regret that I unfollowed one lovely girl, who I did like, simply because of the sheer volume of porn she was posting everyday. My TL seemed to be clogged full of vaginas and boobs and I simply couldn’t take it anymore!

I have one ‘friend’, although it’s more accurate to call them a frenemy I think, who has created a dilemma for me for a while now.  Over time we have established a substantial list of mutual friends. At times this person is funny, interesting, and enjoyable to chat to. From very early days they revealed traits I disliked but decided to ignore, as on balance I liked them.  They can be cutting and can have a mean streak, which is something I don’t enjoy witnessing. There is a difference between poking fun, teasing and sarcasm and being nasty and cruel.  My philosophy in life is to leave people happier than they were before they met you.

By far my biggest gripe with them is how passive aggressive they can be.

(Yes, I am more than aware of the irony of me blogging criticism about an unnamed person being passive aggressive, thank you!)

My usual style would be to unfollow and carry on with my twitter life. However I feel this case is more complicated. I’m worried that our mutual friends will notice and inquire as to why I would do this. I dislike conflict to the extent that I would rather leave the status quo than risk a falling out with people.

I know I am acting childishly and cowardly. I should ‘man up’ and either discuss this with the person via DM, or unfollow and deal with the possible backlash.

I would be interested to hear your views on this matter.

Have you made frenemies in life or on social media?

How did you deal with them?

Do you think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill?