Reality Bites

Silver sunlight sparkles on the still surface of the water as the bow of the boat slices smoothly through it. I hear you approach from behind. You rest your hands on my shoulders, gently massaging them, “Coffee? Wine?”

I smile, “Surprise me.”

Long, heavy, leaden branches droop lazily into the canal, overburdened with foliage and blossoms. A verdant paradise of scented sensory stimulation. I close my eyes and inhale the perfume, listen to the soft lapping of the water, feel myself lightly rocked by the motion of the barge.

I hear you sink into the chair next to me and I turn to open my eyes and look at you. You are holding out a glass of sparkling white wine, cloudy condensation dripping down the glass. I take it and raise it in the air.

“To you,” you say.

“To us,” I reply and we clink a toast.

Its effervescence tickles my nostrils as I take a sip; sharp bubbles bursting on my tongue and catching in my throat making me cough slightly. Giggling I swallow and watch you as you look out at the scene before us; ducks and swans swimming amicably alongside us, green tendrils trailing beneath the surface of the water.

I feel content, relaxed and happy. Everything is just how it should be. Everything feels right.

A loud voice shatters my peace, “Now then! Time to take your vitals again, up you sit,” the strong, forcefully cheerful Dublin accent of the nurse breaking through my dream. Unwelcome, familiar pain floods my body as I struggle to sit up, my mouth parched, lips cracked.

Reality crashes in.


Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved

Love Yourself Challenge #7


Day 7:

So many things!

My puppies, Lily and Poppy.

The OH  (oops! did I just list the pooches before him?!)

Singing in the kitchen or car.




My nieces and nephews.

My friends.

Helping people.







Meeting new people.


Stationary and pens.

Sparkly things.


Learning new things.

What makes me happiest is love – always love.



Copyright, 2016,

All rights reserved.

Things That Make Me Happy…

Inspired by a fellow blogger, the very lovely Suzie81 Speaks, I have decided to compile a list of things that always cheer me up.

My life of late has been hectic, stressful and all over pretty miserable, so this exercise could not come at a better time. I hope by taking some time to remember things that make me happy, I will be cheered up. I also hope this piece will remind you of the small things in life that bring a smile to your face, and in turn inspire you to cherish them more often.

We all let the crappy bits of life take over sometimes, so lets celebrate the good stuff!

1. My Dog

Lily is the Love Of My Life. Her beautiful little face is the last thing I see before I fall asleep and the very first thing I see every morning. At night she curls her tiny little fluffy body into mine. I often wake in the middle of the night to find her watching protectively over me. Guarding me from harm. She follows me around the house at all times, there are no secrets between us. When I return home from an errand she greets me with unbridled joy. I can honestly say I would throw myself under a train for her.

She is my saviour, my best friend and my little girl.

I love her.



2. Singing loudly in the car

I love to sing.

Sadly, I cannot claim to be any good at it, but I believe life is too short to let things like lack of talent stop you from doing what you love. My paper-thin walls sometimes inhibit me from unleashing the full force of my lungs at home, (probably not often enough though, ask the neighbours!). It is in the car that I feel free enough to really go for it. I have spoken before about how much my warbling amuses my OH on drives, and to my joy, he has finally succumbed to my pleas for him to join in on occasion. We find Foo Fighters, Green Day and Fall Out Boy mutually satisfying to belt out.

If you haven’t done this, try it! It feels amazing!

3. Dancing

Around my kitchen. Whilst washing up at the sink. In a towel after a shower. In the aisle at Tesco if the right song comes on. (Yes, I am that loon you see strutting down the freezer aisle like a self-deluded Beyoncé wannabe).

Unlike my singing, I do in fact think I’m a pretty good dancer. I got the moves baby! Canned heat in my heels and all that.

Dancing release all those feel good chemicals into the bloodstream. It’s very difficult to dance with abandon and not smile at some point. Next time you feel low put on your favourite song, close the curtains and dance it out. You will feel better. I guarantee it.

4. Smiling at babies

I have never been the maternal type. I swore off having children from an early age, found a man who felt the same and married him. (I should point out that I married him for more reasons than his aversion to fatherhood, there was some silly falling in love business involved).

However, as the years have passed and my life has been blessed by the arrival of nephews, nieces and godchildren, I have discovered that I love babies. I love their little faces, tiny hands, teeny toes. And the smell! Oh dear god the smell!

I have also been delighted to discover that babies love me! They seem to love my face for some unfathomable reason. My OH says it’s down to my big eyes, which I usually outline in dark kohl.

I prefer to think it’s because babies sense when a person likes them and feels comfortable with them. When I am out and see a baby I simply cannot resist a smile and a little wave. If they are close enough a gentle “hi” has been known to escape my lips. The OH has gotten used to this. After noticing several looks of frozen terror on his face, I reassured him I did not need a baby of my own, I just like other peoples babies.

Fact – smiling at a baby and in return getting a gummy little grin back is one of the best things in life.

5. Making other people happy

I am not claiming to be Mother Theresa here, but I genuinely get a kick out of doing things that make other peoples lives better. Complimenting someone and making them smile is a wonderful experience. Donating time or goods to a charity, knowing it will help someone else, always makes me feel better. Sending someone a card for no reason other than that you are thinking about them, knowing the happiness that will bring them, is something I do often. Letting the person behind you in the queue go first because they look stressed and seeing their eyes widen with surprise at the unexpected gesture is always satisfying.

To be honest I am not sure at all if any true altruism exists because the pleasure humans get from making others happy is payback in itself. Do you not agree?

6. Gardening

Some of my happiest moments in life have begun with me standing in an empty, muddy garden contemplating what way I will design it. Researching plants, positions, designs and learning new skills and facts is the first point of pleasure. Becoming completely lost in the physicality of digging and double digging, planting and weeding is bliss. Gathering seeds from my favourite Aquilegia flowers in autumn, storing them over winter and propagating new plants from them in spring, to be planted in a specially selected spot is beyond gratifying. Sinking into a hot bath to ease hard worked muscles and then sitting out in the finished garden with a cold beer… bliss!


7. People enjoying my food

I like to cook and bake. I think I’m good at it. I am that person who murmurs ‘mmmm’ as I eat my own dishes.

When I make something and see someone genuinely enjoy it, either by savouring eau mouthful, or gobbling it down and asking for seconds, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

It must be a primal, instinctual, ancient woman-thing deep inside me, or maybe just pride… either way, if you love my food I love you.

8. Good hair days

I am Irish and suffer with typical Irish hair. This means frizz. Coupled with our glorious soft Irish weather, this is not a good thing.


To add to my misery, my hair refuses to grow below chin length. It reaches that point and simply gives up, says, “that’s it Kat, deal with it”.

I frequently lament that I will never have long luscious waves down my back, as I once had in my teens. I stare with unabashed jealousy at other women with the hair of my dreams.

Because of this, on the rare, and I mean rare, days that I get my blow dry just right and boast a shiny, sleek bob I feel on top of the world. I walk taller, with a bounce in my step, smile more and generally just feel better.

I just wish they happened more often!

9. Making my OH laugh

I love to make people laugh. I like to think I am funny and witty. But making my OH burst out laughing is special. That’s all.

10. Blogging

I am so very happy that I started this blog. It’s where I work things out for myself.

It’s where I express myself.

It’s where I connect with the outside world and share my ideas and opinions.

I love thinking up new things to write about, opening up my Mac Book and tapping away at the keyboard, completely unaware of time passing. If I get a Like or, even better, a comment, it makes my day!

I must once again, from my heart, thank you guys and gals for stopping by to read my meanderings. I love you!


I would love to hear the simple pleasures that make your life happier. Please share with me!



Life Motto

Be silly
Be honest
Be kind


Words to live by don’t ya think?

I have lived my life more or less according to this quote, which incidentally, I only found last week.

Being Silly comes incredibly naturally to me. It’s kind of my default position. I effortlessly do many, many silly things every singe day. In my opinion, Being Silly is an essential life skill. Life is damn tough a LOT of the time.The world can be a shitty place.People can be total bastards to each other.Being Silly helps me cope. The sheer joy I get from doing a spur of the moment dance routine around the kitchen as my dog and OH watch with bemusement makes all the crappy bits of life easier to bear. Jumping on and freewheeling my trolley down an empty aisle at Tesco makes me happy. If a great song is playing, even better! Why not strut down the aisle “a la” Beyoncé if I feel like it?

Being Honest. If I can guarantee you one thing it’s this… I will tell you the truth. Honestly! If the people who matter in your life cannot be upfront and Honest with you, what’s the point of them being there? It might be difficult to tell someone the truth, but in the long term it’s always better. If I’m not Honest about something, I find it will gnaw away at me until I come clean. Perhaps you think I’m being selfish then, telling truths, even if they are uncomfortable? Maybe I am, but I prefer to live a life that is transparent, one where I do not need to remember lies or cover stories. If the issue I need to be Honest about is hurtful or difficult, I will tell the truth in, what I hope, is a gentle and compassionate way. I tell the person the truth because I respect them enough and care for them enough to take that risk. And I do it as kindly as I can.

Which leads very handily to…

Be Kind. My reasoning here is similar to my Reasons To Be Silly. Kindness makes life so much more pleasurable. It is powerful, insofar as when you are kind, rather than nasty or cruel, you feel better! When you are Kind you make other people happier, which I have always found, makes me happier. I truly worry for people who feel the need to be nasty, scathing or mean to other people. I worry that to carry such bitterness and bile inside they must be unhappy with their lives. On the occasions where I have been less than Kind, I know it came from a place of unhappiness or anger inside me. I might have lashed out those times and in doing so made someone else share my unhappiness, but it has never made me feel better or done anything to lessen my sadness. If anything, I came out of the exchange feeling even worse than before. The wonderful thing about Kindness is it increase happiness al round and usually is contagious. Think about the last time someone showed you Kindness… I bet it was hard to not be kind in return or in the next exchange you had with another person. Let’s make Kindness an epidemic!

In fact, let’s make the three things, Sillyness, Honesty, Kindness our new life mantra!

Go out today, do something gloriously Silly! Laugh and enjoy it.

Go out today, tell the truth! Be fearless and feel strong! Be Honest.

Go out today, do some thing Kind for no reason at all. Smile at a stranger. Pay a compliment.

Let’s go make life Lovely!