Word for Wednesday (W4W) #23


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I chose this word because my little Bichon Frise, Lily, (AKA The Love Of My Life), is a sleepwalker.

I kid you not!

At any time after 1am there is a little thump as she jumps off our bed. We hear her scurrying around the bed, (picture a cuter version of Jaws), her little claws scratching and her breath coming in excited little pants.

After a while, she tries to get back onto the bed but, in her somnambulistic, crazed state, is unable to make the leap. So either the OH or I will pick her up and bring her back up to rejoin the ‘pack’.

This is where the real comedy ensues…

You’d think we would be annoyed wouldn’t you? Our slumber interrupted by a spoilt little pooch? (I have written about how this spoiling has happened previously… i.e.; the OH is a soft touch)

But, poor little Lily has the funniest sleepwalking face ever! Her eyes are glazed but wide open, as if she is on the best opiates money could buy. Her little mouth is open, pink tongue sticking out, teeny tiny fangs on show as she hyperventilates right into your face. (Luckily she has the best, sweetest breath you could imagine.)

If you’ve seen pictures of crazed possums you can get the idea, except Lily is über cute.

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After some calming stroking and cuddling, and whispered reassurances, she makes her way down to the end of the bed and settles once again into sleep.

Poppy, the Cavachon, (AKA The Destroyer), on the other hand is not a somnambulist. She is however, a very, very restless bedtime companion.

I suffered through another bought of insomnia last night and was licked all over my hands, arms, legs and toes, had little furry feet shoved in my face, and a wagging tail slapping my face at various points during the night. At one point she settled herself between my pillow and the headboard and slept soundly and noisily, (she snores). Just as well I am a shortarse and do not need the full length of the bed to be comfortable, yeah?

Add to the mix the fact that the OH snores like a demon, and it’s a wonder I ever sleep at all, to be honest.

One thing that does help me nod off is a glass of wine before bed.  I know this is not recommended but it helps me.


If the OH is to be believed, sometimes the grape juice results in me sleepwalking, or talking, or both. He fell about the place in tears laughing one morning trying to describe how he had woken to find me tangled up in the floor length bedroom curtains one night muttering to myself. He had to calm me down, untangle me and lead me back to bed as I jabbered on some nonsense or other. Having no memory at all of this alleged occurrence I can only trust his word…

My view? After 24 years of sleep deprivation, a few nights of untangling me from curtains is small recompense, wouldn’t you agree?



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