Word for Wednesday (W4W) #29


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This week’s word is…

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Some of my favourites…

Hold me closer, Tony Danza (Elton John / Tiny Dancer)

Concrete jungle, wet dream, tomato (Alicia Keys & Jay Z / Empire State of Mind)

Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche when you’re rollin’ in the night (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band / Blinded By The Light)

Don’t go Jason waterfalls (TLC / Chasing Waterfalls)

My ears are alight (Desmond Dekker / Israelites)

Kickin’ your cat all over the place (Queen / We Will Rock You)

I’m a little man and I’m also evil, also into cats, also into cats (Fall Out Boy / This Ain’t A Scene. It’s an Arms Race.)

Calling Jamaica (R.E.M. / The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight)

Dreams of war, dreams of lies, dreams of dragons fire, and a baked apple pie (Metallica / Enter Sandman)

She’s got electric boobs, a bowl of soup (Elton John / Bennie and The Jets)

And I just can’t seem to get it up (Depeche Mode / Just Can’t Get Enough)

With birds of shit it’s a lonely view (Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Scar Tissue)

I wanna love you, the bear said I can’t (Hootie and the Blowfish / Only Wanna Be With You)

I’m a lion, I’m a vinyl, I’m a skittle, I’m a beetle (Nirvana / Smells Like Teen Spirit)

My pony plays the mamba (Starship / We Built This City)

Just let me staple the vicar (Sister Sledge / We Are Family)

Your burgers are the best (Michael Jackson / You Are Not Alone)

I believe that the hot dogs go on (Celine Dion / The Heart Does Go On)

Check out Peter Kay’s routine about mondegreens!

Of course the word doesn’t just apply to song lyrics.

I will leave you with one of my all time favourite The Two Ronnies sketch… Enjoy!



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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 12)



Day 12

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off  – 2014

If you haven’t watched this YouTube video of a big, tough cop lip synching and car-seat dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, do yourself a big favour and click here now!

He totally nails it!

I love his facial expressions, his dancing, his rapping section… and they way he shifts in and out of the performance depending on whether he is being seen by the public is priceless.

As a person who shamelessly sings and dances in the car, it was a bit like finding a soulmate!

One time, as my husband drove us on the motorway, I was grooving out to a song on the radio, giving it my all and, as we overtook the car that had been ahead of us, we saw the driver hunched over his steering wheel in a fit of laughter.

He gave me the thumbs up, so naturally, I waved back!

It felt good to have made someone giggle as I enjoyed myself!

Do you guys sing in the car? Do you wave your arms around and seat-dance? Come on… spill!



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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 5)



Day 5

This changes everyday! But for now…

Hozier – Take Me To Church (2013)

Since first hearing this song, I have downloaded his album and listened to it daily, singing along and dancing around my kitchen.

I could have picked any song off the album, to be honest, as they are all exceptionally well crafted and completely addictive. The reason I chose Take Me To Church is that it was the very first Hozier song I ever heard… so it’s special.

His voice is extraordinary, unique and very sexy. His lyrics are simply breathtaking in their beauty and clever imagery. His guitar riffs leave me breathless and jealous as hell that I can’t play!

To say I am excited that I have tickets to see him support the Foo Fighters next May is possibly the understatement of the century!

A personal note of pride… He comes from my home county here in Ireland! #proudirishwoman!

If the heavens ever did speak /She’s the last true mouthpiece

The only Heaven I’ll be sent to / Is when I’m alone with you

Uh… take me now Hozier!



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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 3)



Day 3

Cristy Lane – One Day At A Time

Oh god the memories! My lovely, lovely mother used to sing this all the time!

She was always singing as she pottered around the kitchen, her high voice sometimes hitting the notes, other times painfully off key! She didn’t care, she just enjoyed singing.

The OH is very fond of tilting his head quizzically at times, when I am unselfconsciously singing away in my kitchen, and saying “Oh! hi there Breeda!” to remind me that I have, in fact, turned into my mother! He calls to the dogs, “Girls! your grandma stopped by to say hello!”

It’s a very sweet thing he does, and it always makes me laugh when I realise that, yep, I am my mother’s daughter.

Listening to that song as I write this is bittersweet… I lost her when I was 20. I can see her so clearly and I wipe away a tear, wishing she could be here now, with me, in my kitchen, and we could sing together.

Miss you Mam!


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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 2)


Day 2

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares To You (1990)

I was 17, he was 21.

I was madly, insanely, hopelessly in love with him.

I thought he was too.

We slow danced to this song in our local nightclub after he told me he was leaving to work on a building site in Belgium. (yes! fucking Belgium! The dullest fucking country known in existence! He left me for fucking Belgium! Um… Apologies to any Belgian readers…)

I remember my arms around his waist, (me:5′, him:5’11”), my tears soaking into his shirt. The lyrics summed up how I knew I would feel once he had left. So, I clung to him as we danced, savouring the feeling of his arms around me, the scent of him, the warmth of his flat torso.

He left the morning of my art exam for my Leaving Certificate, (think A-levels/High School Diploma).

I ran to the train station in my school uniform to see him off… He was there in his faded jeans, leather jacket and cowboy boots, long blond curls glowing in the sunlight, his backpack resting on the ground between his knees.

The fucker got on that train without a second glance back… I went back to my exam, face puffy from crying…

I got over him. With a little help from his very, very hot best friend!  😈



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25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 1)

I found this little game online, and thought it’d be fun to blog my answers.

I’m sure many of you will have come across it before, but hey! why not join me and play along?


Day 1

Clout – Substitute (1978)

Grooving in my chair, singing along now as I play this on YouTube! Ah the memories!

I was 6 when this song came out and I loved it! Whenever it came on the radio, I would sing along, loudly, passionately, with feeling!

Cute image, yeah? It gets… well, cuter?

I was an odd kid…

I, for some reason unknown to me now, always sang it “I’ll be your prostitute, whenever you need me, yeah, yeah…”

I suspect I must have sang it wrong once and got quite the reaction from my parents and thus continued to do it for the comic effect. I was then, (and still am to this day), a little performer who gets her kicks out of entertaining people.

To be clear, I had no idea what a prostitute was at the tender age of 6… but I knew how to get a laugh from people!

That song is gonna be in my head all day now… “I’ll be your prostitute…

😂  🎤



Addendum: Jeez guys! I must be getting ooooold coz I just realised I already did this challenge before on KittyKat! That time, my impatient nature came through and I decided to answer all 25 prompts in one go, rather than follow the rules of answering one a day…

So.. I offer you a choice.

Click 25 Songs, 25 Days to read my first attempt and you decide if I should quit now, or… if you would like me to continue the game, but this time I’ll do it one day at a time and give a more in-depth explanation, as I did today.

Give me your answers in my comments section. And forgive this daft old lady for her senior moment!

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Feeling sexy…

What makes you feel sexy?

I have been in a low mood the last few days and feeling decidedly unsexy, ugly and just plain gross.

So, in an effort to lift myself I started playing music… then the inevitable urge to dance came over me.

When I dance, I do so with a total absence of inhibition.

I sway and kick my hips to the beat. I twerk, I grind, I grab the counter or sink and use it as a prop to grind and dip against.

My dogs watch and sometimes join in. My neighbours have probably watched me swinging my hips all sexy-style around my kitchen and I do not care a jot.

And after about all of 30 seconds, I start to feel like the sexiest little bitch on earth. Something about the sensuality of moving around to a grinding beat, an awesome guitar riff and a sexy voice singing even sexier words make me feel… like a sex kitten. Grinding and swaying my hips always results in me feeling, (pardon my crude language, so unusual for me!), horny as hell.

Maybe it’s the sensation of the seam of my jeans rubbing against a certain area.

Maybe it’s the sheer physicality of the dancing.

Maybe it’s the way my movements mirror movements that happen during sex.

I do not know exactly why it makes me feel this way, it simply does.

The effect is heightened if I am being watched. (I must have a touch of exhibitionism about me, who’da thunk it right?!)

If the OH is in the room I ramp the sexy up a bit. I like to think it has the same effect on him.

When I am alone I settle for picturing my neighbour watching, hoping he likes what he sees!

And I admit I tweet my music and declare my dancing to the twitterverse… (oops! Definitely more than a touch of exhibitionism/voyeur fetish I suspect!)


Something has occurred to me as I write this piece, which was intended to focus on what makes me feel sexy, so please forgive my momentary digression…

Aren’t all of us bloggers exhibitionists at heart?

We all seem to nurse a deep-seated desire to share our lives, our thoughts, our fantasies, our fears and our dreams with each other.

I know for a fact that the OH, although he is always very supportive and generous in his praise of my writing, cannot wrap his head around my need to be so open and honest about my life with complete strangers.

I do not have much more insight into it other than I find writing my shit down helps me work out how I feel, why I behave in certain ways, its like my therapy. Perhaps the reason I want to share it all is in the hope that someone else will respond, saying they too have shared whatever experience I am writing about?

Perhaps I am seeking a sense of connection and understanding?

Please leave me a comment explaining why you blog, why you feel the need to share yourself, what rewards you get from it.


Now, back to sexy…

I feel sexy after I have had sex or an orgasm. I find I walk differently. I carry myself differently. I make eye contact with more people and hold it for longer.

I suspect the reason for this is the validation sex gives me that I am actually desirable to someone and that my body is capable of giving me and another person such intense pleasure.

I feel sexy when I flirt and when someone flirts with me. (And readers, if you hadn’t guessed it by now, I flirt A LOT! I flirt with men, women, younger, older, babies, dogs…)  I could flirt with my own reflection FFS!

I feel sexy when I wear certain clothes. 

I am not the dress and high heels type and I never have been, (much to the OH’s disappointment!). But, when I wear my skinny jeans, my fuck-me biker boots and a sexy tight tee-shirt or lace blouse? Then I walk into a room with such confidence, it’s like I own it.

In fact on the occasions that I have worn the little black dress, stockings, shoes ensemble, (hey, I gotta keep the OH happy every now and then…), I have felt uncomfortable and unconfident in the extreme. Those nights rarely end with any sexy time because I have spent the evening fidgeting and adjusting my clothes rather than simply enjoyoing myself and my companion’s company.

I feel sexy when I wear makeup. I can leave the house without it, of course, but once the smokey eyes are done I feel like my real self. I know how ridiculous that sounds, that I feel like my real self when I wear make up! But, that is simply how it is.

I feel sexy when I write my sexy stories. I am not embarrassed to tell you I have frequently felt tingles as I write! I sit at my kitchen table, (in full view of the neighbours again!), and work out the moves I am writing. I often find that I have been stroking my throat or collarbones in the manner I have just described my character doing. I have been known to squirm in my seat!

The best feeling is when someone tells me they actually got off to something I wrote! The idea that I have helped someone orgasm with only my words and images is one very, very powerfully sexy feeling, let me tell you! So readers, do feel free to share if my words have hit the right spot for you!

I would love to hear what makes you feel sexy! Please do leave a comment and share with us!

However, sadly, as I stopped dancing to write this piece, I am now back to feeling grossly unattractive, unsexy and plain old ugly again… time to put more music on I guess?

If you are interested in some of my absolute favourite sexy song lyrics, the ones that give me tingles, check out my other post http://wp.me/p4yiok-7w

If you want to know what any of the songs are just ask! I might even post a link to it!

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