Writing 201: Poetry… Fog

Day 5 of my WP poetry course and I am suffering badly with the mother of all flus and a cough that won’t quit.

My head is a mess of jumbled gibberish. I can barely form a coherent thought. I want to go back to bed and die.

But, I click to see my assignment for today is to compose an elegy, using elegiac couplets, incorporating a metaphor, all inspired by the prompt word fog.

No worries then! (yep sarcasm rears its ugly head!)

I thought I might as well embrace the fact my poor little brain is muddled and write about the fog inside my flu-filled head. Elegy is definitely not my usual style and I did find this exercise a challenging one…  but that is why I signed up, to be stretched out of my comfort zone!

I have to say, kudos to Ben Huberman, this course has been some of the best fun I’ve had in a while!

Here we go, I offer you my very, very humble elegy to brain fog!


Murky muddled mess of mixed up emotions

Ideas, thoughts, confusions and notions,

I struggle to make any sense from this smog,

I cannot find my way through this fucking brain fog!

Thick, sticky peasoup, brainstew, in my head…

I fear that all hope for mental clarity… is dead.

As usual, I am not very pleased with my result, but as I feel so dreadful today I went with the “fuck it, it’ll do!” philosophy…

Feedback people… always welcome!



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Writing 201: Poetry… Animal

Oh dear lord! I swear @benhuberman! You will be the death of me!

Our prompt today was animal, our form was concrete or shape poetry, and our device was enjambment, which, handily enough, is one I that already use frequently, although I had no idea it had a name! So, yes I learned something new again today!

I am clueless when it comes to anything HTML related, but I did try to format my offering into a picture, as instructed… with dismal results!

So… I adapted today’s task a little… Rather than not join in, I thought tweaking it was perhaps forgivable?

This has been the most challenging, and the least fun, assignment yet, simply because I got too caught up in the technical side instead of the creative side. Also, a personal dislike for the concrete form threw me off. With the exception of e.e.cummings, I dislike the pretentiousness it implies. Just a personal feeling!

Anyhoo… here is my sad little offering for today…



Yeah… it’s very, very far from great! But I’m no quitter so I, with a red face, publish it regardless!



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Writing 201: Poetry… Trust

I am loving the Writing 201 assignment today and can’t stop scribbling little snippets down!

Here’s the latest!


Because you lied, I cried all night

Reading the messages you left

Open on your phone, I sat alone and

Knew we were done

Everything we ever had reduced to


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Writing 201: Limerick Hell!

Ok this is not in my comfort zone remotely! Thanks @benhuberman!

I had a go… and in my opinion failed miserably but hey! Can’t win every time, right?

He tells me to write down a limerick

and add to it something alliterate

I sit here and type

tip tap at my table

and find that I’m simply unable!

Hangs her head in shame…

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